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Xoriguers human tower building group

The Xoriguers are the University of Girona human tower building group. Our group is solely made up of members of the University of Girona community, which includes mostly students along with some teaching staff and administration and service staff (PAS). 

Who are we?

The group was created in 1998 by students. Year after year, it has continued to grow, increasing the number of performances and activities on and off-campus. The number of members has also grown, making it possible to build towers that are bigger and even more beautiful. Our competition shirt is electric blue.

How to be a Xoriguer?

To be a Xoriguer, the only requirement is to be a member of the community at the University of Girona, UNET or UOC, regardless of whether you are a student, teaching staff, or administrative and service staff, etc. No specific conditions are required; the group has a place for everyone. In a tower, you can be in many different positions, but if you prefer you can also join the graller musicians who play music as the tower is built, as well as livening up the festivities and parade.

If you want to form part of our group, find out more or come and have a look, you will find us on the lawn of the Polytechnic School (PII) at Campus Montilivi every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. Or if you prefer, you can send an email to: 

The Xoriguers practice on Tuesday and Thursday on the lawn of the Polytechnic School (Campus Montilivi) from 1 to 3 p.m. The graller musicians rehearse on Mondays from 2 to 3 p.m. on the Montilivi Sports Service road. This spices up life on campus even more. 

Elective credits

They give us credits! Yes, that’s right my xoriguer friend, you’re not dreaming. After many years, on our 8th birthday we were given elective credits to build human towers! 

This means that if you’re reading these lines and you’re still not one of us, there’s no excuse! Don’t think twice and come to practice on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. on the lawn of the Polytechnic School. We will receive you with open arms. There’s no doubt that we have a spot for you. 

Complete information

  • Course name: “Introduction to human tower building”
  • Teaching staff: the captain and president of the human tower building group, or other members of the technical and managerial board, or other members of the group to whom the task has been assigned.
  • No. of credits: 4 elective credits
  • Duration: 60 hours, first or second semester. 80% compulsory minimum attendance (48 hours). These credits are only given once throughout the university degree.
  • Practice: Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. unless you want to join the graller musicians.
  • Location: the lawn in front of the Polytechnic School (Montilivi Campus)

General information 

A theoretical/practical introductory course to human tower building where students learn the relevant nomenclature, tower structures, the university human tower building structure, a brief historical overview, as well as participating in at least 4 days of human tower competitions (applying the acquired knowledge) and weekly practices. There is also the option of musical training to learn how to play the graller. At the end of the course, there will be a final written exam.

Price: €30 (not including material)

Places: unlimited.

What do we do?

Twice a year in winter and spring each group organises human tower building competitions that are open to all the other groups. These events include human tower building performances along with lunches, dances, games and other activities to bring all the different groups together.

The Xoriguers also take part in many other events and activities. We practise at different faculties and perform at student residences and on Carrer del Carme during the Sant Narcís Fair. We participate in the Sant Narcís Fair in the city of Girona and the university open day. We practice with other groups. We organise dinners, assemblies, cultural activities, parades, calçotades, concerts, etc.

We travel outside Catalonia once a year. We have gone to Córdoba, Mallorca, Galicia, Perpignan, Poland, the Basque Country, Paris, Madrid, Santander, Valencia, Menorca, etc. As the University of Girona Xoriguers, we represent the university wherever we go.

If you want everyone to talk about Girona human tower building; if you want people across the region to know this university’s name; if you want to spend a few unforgettable years with us, don’t think twice and come join! The more we are, the higher we’ll climb.

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