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Consolidate yourself... promote your business

Support programme for consolidation, strengthening and re-invention of self-employed work in Catalonia

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Programme’s goals

This initiative's goal is to promote the consolidation, growth and re-invention of self-employed work as a tool to improve the competitiveness of self-employed workers’ businesses and to fight against the destruction of self-employment.

Training programme

Compulsory training:

  • The account of results and its analysis (4hr)
  • Treasury and planning (4h)

Complementary training (optional):

  • Introduction to economic-activity management
  • Activity's legal and documentary aspects
  • Commercial management and customer care
  • Digital Marketing
  • Effective time management
  • Budget drafting and economic management
  • Networking
  • Personal growth
  • Communication

Personalised advice

Online as well as face to face, for the reorientation, promotion and searching new business opportunities.


  • Self-employed workers.
  • Financially dependent self-employed workers (TRADE).
  • Individuals registered as self-employed and integrated into a general partnership, a co-ownership partnership or a limited partnership (with fewer than 4 employees and a turnover of under 500,000 euros).
  • Individuals who have ceased their activity as a worker and who want to carry out a new entrepreneurial project.


  • Providing supporting evidence of home address and tax residence in Catalonia.
  • As for self-employed workers being registered as RETA self-employed workers or with a mutual insurer, as an alternative system to RETA, before starting the Consolidate Yourself programme.
  • As regards self-employed workers in situation of ceased activity, to provide supporting evidence they have prove they are no longer registered with RETA or with their mutual insurer and are now registered as a unemployed job seeker (DONO).

*Provided they meet the above requirements, priority will be given to the following collectives’ participation: over-45s, young people aged between 16 and 29 (with special assistance for young people on the Youth Guarantee Programme), women, people with a disability and women gender violence victims.





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