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Articles Científics

Data Títol Autor(s)
2022 All-in-one biofabrication and loading of recombinant vaults in human cells Fernando Martín; Aida Carreño; Rosa Mendoza; Pablo Caruana; Francisco Rodriguez; Marlon Bravo; Antoni Benito; Neus Ferrer-Miralles; M Virtudes Céspedes; José Luis Corchero
2022 Dinuclear iron complexes of iminopyridine based ligands as selective cytotoxins for tumor cells and inhibitors of cancer cell migration Castro, J.; Bravo, M.; Albertí, M.; Marsal, A.; Alonso-De Gennaro, M.J.; Martínez-Ferraté, O.; Claver, C.; Van Leeuwen, P. W. N. M.; Romero, I.; Benito, A.; Vilanova, M.
2022 Escherichia coli as a New Platform for the Fast Production of Vault-like Nanoparticles: An Optimized Protocol Roger Fernández, Aida Carreño, Rosa Mendoza, Antoni Benito, Neus Ferrer-Miralles, María Virtudes Céspedes, José Luis Corchero
2021 A Nuclear-Directed Ribonuclease Variant Targets Cancer Stem Cells and Inhibits Migration and Invasion of Breast Cancer Cells Jessica Castro; Giusy Tornillo; Gerardo Ceada; Beatriz Ramos-Neble; Marlon Bravo; Marc Ribó; María Vilanova; Matthew J. Smalley; and Antoni Benito
2021 The Selectivity for Tumor Cells of Nuclear-Directed Cytotoxic RNases Is Mediated by the Nuclear/Cytoplasmic Distribution of p27KIP1 Glòria García-Galindo; Jessica Castro; Jesús Matés; Marlon Bravo; Marc Ribó; Maria Vilanova; Antoni Benito



Data Títol Autor(s)
1991 Isolation of secreted enzymes with ribonuclease activity from human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line CAPAN-1 E. Fernández, M. Ribó, J. Bravo, M. Osset, M. J. M. Fallon, R. De Llorens and Claudi M. Cuchillo
1991 Monoclonal Antibodies to Bovine Pancreatic Ribonuclease M. J. M. Fallon, C. Balagué, E. Fernández, M. Ribó, J. Bravo, R. de Llorens and Claudi M. Cuchillo
1991 PHMB (p-hydroxymercuribenzoate) utilization to inactivate the inhibitor of ribonuclease in normal human pancreatic tissue and tissue culture medium from CAPAN-1 cells J. Bravo, M. J. M. Fallon, M. Ribó, E. Fernández, M. Osset, R. De Llorens and Claudi M. Cuchillo
1991 Purification of human pancratic ribonuclease by high performance liquid chromatography M. Ribó, E. Fernández, J. Bravo, M. Osset, M. J. M. Fallon, R. De Llorens and Claudi M. Cuchillo

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