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You have just graduated, at an event that was memorable and exciting, for all the things we have experienced. Congratulations to everyone!

This academic year, despite all the difficulties, existed and will continue to exist in your memories. And a possible future awaits you for demonstrating your capabilities and skills.

Because we have never lost our enthusiasm in essential values. And I ask you, as new UdG graduates, to stay in touch with us, through the ALUMNI association, to use your opportunities, to how to find your path to of perfection at the crossroads, not to forget the final meaning of your passage through the UdG: to be citizens who focus their efforts on making and remaking a better society.

Quim Salvi, the Rector

Promoció 2017 - 2021

Grau en Fisioteràpia

Grau en Ciències de l'Activitat Física i l'Esport

Graus de la Facultat de Ciències Econòmiques i Empresarials

Doble Titulació en Mestre

Grau en Treball Social

Grau en Mestre d'Educació Primària

Grau en Mestre d'Educació Infantil

Grau en Psicologia

Grau en Pedagogia

Grau en Educació Social

Grau en Infermeria

Grau en Medicina

Grau en Publicitat i Relacions Públiques

Grau en Turisme

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