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Orientate yourself in 5 minutes

Academic year 2021-2022

We welcome you and explain everything you need to know to complete your first enrolment and to get to know the structure of your course, the cultural, sports and leisure activities on offer, and UdG's social commitment to you.

Find information and enrol

  • Once the Government of Catalonia has assigned you a place, you will receive an email from the UdG with instructions on how to configure your user account.This will enable you to formalise your enrolment online and access to the university’s electronic services.
  • Consult the offer of subjects and the curriculum of your degree in the section Subjects of the web page of yours study of bachelor's degree .
  • You'll find the information that you need for your first enrolment in the Enrolment section of the web page for your bachelor's degree studies.
  • Know the system of enrolment in line of the UdG through the Guide of online enrolment .
  • Remember that you can pay your enrolment fees within different deadlines. Consult the conditions to the Regulations of enrolment .
  • Find out about your possibilities for Allowances and Loans on your enrolment fees.
  • If you would like to apply for a grant, you must first have obtained economic accreditation to allow you to formalise your university enrolment without having first paid the public fees. Consult the web page Scholarships of bachelor's degree  .
  • Inform about theschool insurance (compulsory for minors of 28 years) or theinsurance of accidents (compulsory for biggest of 28 years) on the page ofInsurances .

The structure of your course

  • You have yours once account of user as a student of the University of Girona you will be able to access to La meva UdG , the personalised intranet from where you will be able to access to the classrooms virtual of your subjects, yours qualifications, the Office of the Secretary in Network (to consult and to manage yours report)... La meva UdG is also the tool we will use to communicate with you.
  • Find out about language courses at the Languages Service and about language certificates .
  • Discover how to gain credits through recognised credit transfer activities and summer courses .
  • Find out about the regulations and formalities that will affect you during your time as a student and how to obtain your bachelor's degree certificate.
  • If you have one disability or one educational need, inform of the adaptations and the resources that it offers theArea of Inclusion .
  • Start thinking about and preparing for a few months studying abroad, if that's something that interest you. Check the mobility programmes and grants you can sign up for and contact your centre so that they can tell you about the necessary procedures.

Discover the UdG and Life at the UdG

Visit the Discover the UdG and Life at the UdG portals to explore the university's services, activities, campus... everything that the UdG has on offer during your university life. Here are a few links to get your started:

  • The first thing you need to know is the centre (integrated or affiliated ) where you will be studying. This Faculty or School will be the place where you work over the next few years. On each centre's web page, you'll find the latest news and activities taking place, the academic calendar, information on formalities, etc.
  • Discover the CIAE (Student Information and Advice Centre) and all the services it offers you.
  • If it is necessary to you, inform about the different possibilities ofaccommodation : flats and rooms for rent, houses and university residences...
  • Join the UdG Sports Service for only €30 per year and enjoy the university's sports facilities, as well as a great variety of subjects, activities and competitions at the best price.
  • The Student Council is one of the UdG's participatory bodies, but there are many more. Take part and help us to make a better university.
  • Download the UdG App (available for Android and iOS) and activate your student ID card or TUI (Smart University Card) using the personal area of La meva UdG.
  • The Library of the University of Girona brings you all the IT and education resources and services and offers you individual attention.

The UdG is committed to making an even better university. Are you?

Associations, sustainability, cooperation, equality... Get involved!

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