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Payment and refund deadlines

Enrolment fees for academic year 2022-23

Payment of direct debits or by card

Enrolment fee for 8-22 July 2022 27/07/2022
Enrolment fee for 25-29 July 2022 03/08/2022
Enrolment fee for August 2022 05/09/2022
Enrolment fee for September 2022 05/10/2022
Enrolment fee for October 2022 05/11/2022
Enrolment fee for November 2022 05/12/2022
Enrolment fee for 1-18 December 2022 22/12/2022
Enrolment fee for 18-31 December 2022 12/01/2023
Bills for January 2023 05/02/2023
Bills for February 2023 05/03/2023
Bills for March 2023 05/04/2023
Bills for April 2023 05/05/2023
Bills for May 2023 05/06/2023
Bills for June 2023 05/07/2023

NOTE: Any incidence associated with the payment of the enrolment-bill issued during July will be managed from the 1st September (in August it will be closed for the holidays). There is no need to worry because the enrolment WILL NOT BE CANCELED.

Registrations paid in 2 or 3 instalments
Official bachelor's and master's degrees
Payment date*
1st instalment Depending on the date of enrolment (see first table)
2nd instalment (enrolments paid in 3 instalments)  14/10/2022
2nd instalment (enrolments paid in 2 instalments) 15/12/2022
2nd instalment (enrolments paid in 3 instalments)
Enrolments paid in 2 or 3 instalments
Payment date*
1st instalment Depending on the date of enrolment (see first table)
2nd instalment (enrolments paid in 3 instalments)  15/12/2022
2nd instalment (enrolments paid in 2 instalments) 15/03/2023
2nd instalment (enrolments paid in 3 instalments)
Enrolments paid in monthly instalments Payment date*
1st instalment Depending on the date of enrolment (see first table)
Other monthly payments On the 5th day of every month (from 05/09/2022 to 05/05/2023)

(*) In the case of direct debits, the date corresponds to the day that the UdG negotiates the bill with the collaborating bank. Depending on how the finance entity operates, you can be charged 1 or 2 days later. If the method of payment is via bank card, a few days before the anticipated date in the previous calendar, you will receive an email containing the link allowing you to pay the corresponding amount.


  1. The instalment payment methods do not entail an increase in the total amount of the enrolment fee.
  2. Should the bank return a standing order, a charge of 3€ will be added to each unpaid instalment, of which you will be notified. In this e-mail we will tell you how to settle the outstanding debt. By going to La meva UdG > Personal > Report, enrolment and formalities > Enrolment > Payment you will find the form to make the payment at one of our collaborating banks using the bar code within the stated deadline. (This non-payment does not cause the automatically cancellation of enrolment). 
  3. If the 5th of the month is a holiday, the instalment will be paid the following working day, except in the month of January 2023, when the date for payment will be 12/01/2023.
  4. From the day after you have enrolled and at any time during the academic year, you can see details of your outstanding instalments and the date they are planned to be paid on "La Meva UdG” by accessing Report > Enrolment > Payment. You will also find the information on the instalments paid.
  5. Students who have not paid their enrolment fees by 30 May will be charged a further 5 % of the total outstanding amount for non-payment as provided in the enrolment regulations for the current academic year.

Returned payments

  • Payments to be returned that have been entered in the academic management application will be dealt with during the last days of every month. And they will be returned within a maximum of one week.
  • All returns are paid by bank transfer into the current account provided by each student in their enrolment. If payment has been made through the POS handset system (credit card), the return will be made on the same card. 

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