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Grup A

Semestral, 2n semestre
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Castellà (100%)


  • 4. Utilitzar la llengua anglesa i una altra llengua estrangera
  • 5. Seleccionar i utilitzar les tecnologies de la informació i la comunicació més adequades a cada situació
  • 7. Prevenir i resoldre problemes, conflictes i prendre decisions
  • 9. Tenir habilitat per a les relacions personals en qualsevol context i situació.
  • 17. Comunicar-se oralment i per escrit


1. 1. What is Customer Service? Discussing good customer service and how we expect to be treated as a customer. Here we will look specifically at some of the problems front line customer service staff encounter. What kind of difficult and tricky customers they have to deal with, what the pitfalls are and where they get wrong-footed. 2. Defining Good Customer Service What is Good Customer Service? How do you and the customer feel when it's good? How do you and the customer feel when it's bad? 3. Communicating with Customers We will cover the fundamentals of communicating with customers in person and over the phone. What supports and hinders good customer service? How do we read appropriate non-verbal cues such as body language, facial expressions and physical space to help apply appropriate responses? 4. Working with the Customer's Point of View It is important to be sure we are all 'speaking the same language'. It is easy to misinterpret and misunderstand what your customers are saying and they in turn can easily misunderstand and misinterpret you. We will spend some time looking at a typical customer scenario from differing points of view. 5. Assumptions about Customers The assumptions we automatically make about customers affects the way we communicate with them. There will be a brief group training exercise to highlight how easy it is to make assumptions about another person just by looking at them, focusing on their clothes, hairstyles, accents, etc. Following this, we will look at some of the assumptions customers might be making about you. 6. Caught in the Line of Fire Deal with customer complaints effectively using empathy, understanding and without taking it personally. 7. Emotion vs. Objectivity: "So What You're Saying Is..." Using a role play activity in a typical customer conflict scenario we will learn how to deal with an overheated customer and how to calm them down without getting drawn in. We then replay it with one person taking on the skill of being an 'objective observer' who is able to reflect back to the customer what they think is going on. 8. Listening and Responding with Empathy This training exercise allows the customer to be heard and get their point of view across while allowing you to set clear boundaries and deliver a difficult, uncomfortable message. 9. 'You' verses 'I' This exercise is to help students in a disagreement move forward by shifting from a position of blame to a “no blame” solution based approach. 10. Delivering Difficult Messages to Customers A technique to help you distinguish between what a customer does as opposed to who they are. This can be extremely helpful when you have to deliver news the customer doesn't want to hear. 11. Establishing Customer Empathy: Quick Fire Tips Working in pairs we will get an overview of how to establish customer empathy quickly. Some of the things we will cover are: • Using their name • Deliberately using 'I', 'You', or 'We' statements • Understanding their situation • Self-disclosure • Compliments 12. Gaining Customer Confidence An exercise that deals with a number of key issues: • Gaining confidence • Changing your behavior instantly • Dealing with intimidation, manipulation and anger • Coping with other people's upset • Feeling more in charge of the situation


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Classes expositives 21 0 21
Elaboració de treballs 4 6 10
Exposició dels estudiants 12 12 24
Prova d'avaluació 6 14 20
Total 43 32 75


  • Rpsemary Richey (2006). English for customer care. Oxford Business English.

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