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Framework calendar of the master's degree studies

Academic year 2023-2024

This is the framework calendar for the whole university. To know the specific dates of each master's programme, as well as the timetables, consult the calendar of the centre where it is taught.

Beginning and end of academic activity

Start of academic year
2 October 2023
End of academic year
30 September 2024
Note: the specific start and finish dates for each master’s degree course may vary. Check them from the corresponding centre’s calendar.

Access and enrolment

New entry students: general calendar

Ordinary call
Pre-enrolment period
15 February to 22 September 2023
First deadline
Admission: from 24 May to 2 June 2023
Enrolment: from 21 July to 20 September 2023
Second deadline
Admission: from 12 July to 21 July 2023
Enrolment: from 21 July to 20 September 2023
Third deadline
Admission: from 20 to 22 September 2023
Enrolment: from 25 to 27 September 2023
Conditioned admission
Application for conditional admission: from 1 to 12 September 2023
Admission: from 25 to 27 September 2023
Enrolment: from 28 to 29 September 2023
Extraordinary exam session

The masters of 90 or more credits that they have vacant places they will be able to assign, until the limit of capacity established, to the candidates who accredit to gather the requirements of access to start studies on the second semester.

Pre-enrolment period
From 28 September to 12 December 2023
Admission deadline
Until 14 December 2023
Enrolment deadline
Closed from 15 December 2023 to 13 January 2024

New entry students on the Master in General Health Psychology

Pre-enrolment period
From 10 February to 21 July 2023
Provisional assignment of places and claims period
From 24 to 28 July 2023
Allocation and publication of places
31 July 2023
Enrolment deadline
From 4 to 15 September 2023

New entry students on the Master in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Foreign Language Teaching

Pre-enrolment period
From 26 July to 8 September 2023
First allocation of places
Assignation: 21 September 2023
Enrolment: 22, 25 and 26 September 2023
Second allocation of places
Assignation: 29 September 2023
Enrolment: 2 October 2023
Third allocation of places
Assignation: 5 October 2023
Enrolment: 6 October 2023
Fourth allocation of places
Assignation: 11 October 2023
Enrolment: 13 October 2023
Fifth allocation of places
Assignation: 18 October 2023
Enrolment: 19 October 2023

Students from previous courses

Enrolment deadline
From 21 July to 20 September 2023

Access for visiting students

First application period
From 15 to 30 June and from 15 to 30 September 2023
Second application period
From 1 to 15 November 2023 and from 1 to 15 February 2024
Online enrolment is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 1 pm. Students can enrol in person in the corresponding academic offices of the secretary during the usual opening hours.

Annulment and enlargement of enrolment

Cancellation of the whole enrolment
Until 21 November 2023
Extension of enrolment for second semester subjects
19 January to 2 February 2024
Cancellation of the call for first semester subjects
Until 11 December 2023
Cancellation of the call for second semester and annual subjects
Until 10 May 2024

Extraordinary examination sessions of examinations

Call advancement application and calls with panel
Throughout the academic year
Request for grace session
Before 14 September 2023

Holidays and non-teaching days


11 September 2023
National Day of Catalonia (regional public holiday)
12 October 2023
El Pilar (national public holiday)
30 October 2023
Non-teaching day (public holiday for Sant Narcís)
31 October 2023
Non-teaching day (long weekend)
1 November 2023
All Saints Day (national holiday)
6 December 2023
Day of the Constitution (state-wide public holiday)
7 December 2023
Non-teaching day (long weekend)
8 December 2023
Immaculada Conception Day (national public holiday)
24 to 31 December 2023


1 to 6 January 2024
New Year's Eve and Kings Day
25 March to 1 April 2024
Easter and Easter Monday
19 April 2024
UdG Annual Festival
1 May 2024
Labour Day (national public holiday)
24 June 2024
Sant Joan (regional public holiday)
1 to 31 July 2024
Qualifying period without educational activities (except for Bachelor's thesis defence)
1 to 31 August 2024
Non-teaching days
11 September 2024
National Day of Catalonia (regional public holiday)
NB The teaching centres located in towns other than Girona and Salt will consider the two days designated by the local town council for the local festival as non-teaching days.



Source: Academic and administrative calendar for bachelor's-degree studies, university master's degree and doctoral-degree studies for the academic year 2023-2024, as approved by the Governing Council's Authorised Committee of Teaching and Students in session 1/2023, of 14 February, and amended in sessions 3/2023, of 18 May, and 7/2023, of 20 December.

Last updated: 20/12/2023

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