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Càtedra Víctor Català d'estudis sobre el Modernisme

The first clips were made in 2021 by Càtedra Víctor Català and this year new videos have been added. All of them investigate her career and the context in which her work is framed. Users can watch them in three different versions, including Catalan and English subtitles. 

The series has an introductory video by the director of the Càtedra, Margarida Casacuberta. Titled From Caterina Albert to Víctor Català: the artistic context of Modernism, it reviews some historical events that impacted Caterina Albert’s biography and led her to adopt a male pseudonym, Víctor Català, to appear publicly as an artist.

As for the author's published works, one of the videos addresses Solitud, conducted by the philologist and actress Laura Masmiquel. The clip focuses on some relevant elements of the writer’s best-known novel. In addition, the public can also approach the short stories collection Drames Rurals, published by Català in 1902. On this occasion, the philologist Francesc Montero is in charge of providing the explanations.

But other forms of her artistic production are also addressed, such as drama, poetry, and visual artwork. Playwright Albert Arribas talks about the author's lifelong passion in The plays of Víctor Català. Among other aspects, he contextualizes the relevance of this vocation within her literary life. Arrribas has collaborated in the edition of the book Teatre Inèdit, which collects the theatrical production of the author. 

Poetry is often a literary genre that has gone unnoticed in the entirety of its production. The poems of Víctor Català are briefly reviewed by the philologist and UdG doctoral student Clàudia Costa

It is known that Caterina Albert, before taking the pseudonym, started in art at a young age, through drawing and painting. Cristina Masanés is in charge of addressing these fields in The visual artwork by Caterina Albert.

The three remaining clips emphasize other ubiquitous aspects of Català's work: Modernist music, her relationship with other female authors and the presence of landscape.

The composer, musicologist and ESMUC professor Joaquim Rabaseda explains the role of music in this movement and how Català embodied it in her literary work in Víctor Català and the music of Modernisme

Also highlighting the context, Lluïsa Julià, vice-president of the Ateneu Barcelonès and specialist in the genealogy of modern and contemporary women writers, reviews her connections with some of her contemporaries in Víctor Català and a female literary genealogy.

The last of the videos focuses on Landscape in the work of Víctor Català, by UdG doctoral student Carla Riera, who is working on a doctoral thesis on this issue.

The clips were made with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de l'Escala.

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