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Chair in Digitalisation and Hydric Cybersecurity

DEXCOM Chair in the Application of AI in Diabetes and Associated Pathologies

The general objective of the “DEXCOM Chair in the Application of AI in Diabetes and Associated Pathologies” is to promote and to broaden the application of Artificial Intelligence in the area of health, and with a special interest in diabetes. The Chair will centre its efforts on covering and giving support not only to the different stages of the pathology (diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, etc) but also all those involved (patients, professionals, suppliers of solutions, etc).  

The main objective is to exploit the advantages that artificial intelligence offers us and to propose and develop new solutions that improve the quality of life of patients and facilitate the work of experts. The idea is for the solutions put forward to become part of the healthcare system and form the foundation for new proposals in this sphere. The goal of the Chair is therefore to contribute to the transformation of the healthcare system for diabetes through the promotion of the extensive use of methods and tools based on AI.

The advantages and the strategic vision provided by the Chair will complement and fit in completely with several of the strategic lines established in the plan UdG2030: the Sum of Intelligences. In particular, it will contribute to the following: bringing sociocultural and socioeconomic innovation; learning in the sum of intelligences; research through the sum of intelligences; the sum of intelligences for the social impact; introducing the University of the sum of intelligences. 

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