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Graphic for 25 years

The concept of the graphic to commemorate the University of Girona’s first 25 years involves the use of a highlighted comma as a specific element that personalises, differentiates and individualises the whole. The graphic continuity (the comma is in bold, like the figures) means it can be interpreted as a moment of pause and reflection in order to face the future with the accumulated experience and dynamism called for by society in the 21st century. As if it emphasises the figure of 25, which is then specified (25, years).

It can also be understood as the beginning of an apposition (25 years,...). Thus, this meaningful comma exercises the symbolic function of the beginning of a new stage.

Moreover, the graphic includes two figures (the 2 and the 5), and the word “anys” (years) in a homogeneous, continuous whole that reinforces the idea of the anniversary.

“25 Years” Graphic User Manual