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The logo commemorating the University of Girona’s 30th anniversary is made up of an evident numeric spelling of the event that highlights the three and the zero, but that goes further in its peculiar typographical layout.

The two numbers also make up thesame geometric figure: A circumference in which we observe two lateral cracks (as if an imaginary diameter passed through separating the two portions of the circumference) which give the figure a sense of movement and mechanical play. This observation is shown in the figure “3”, formed precisely from the possibility “of opening”, based on the dictionary definition of one of the meanings of the Catalan word “joc”: the union of two things enabling one to move with respect to the other.

It is from the point of union of the two halves that we attend the opening of the lines that end up shaping the figure “3”.

From this perspective, we can speak of a state of stillness, accomplishment and serenity (the static figure “0”) and, at the same time, of a will of opening, dynamism and expansion (the figure “3”, which is born from the imaginary “movement” of the “0”).

The University of Girona has consolidated its privileged situation during these 30 years and established itself as a teaching and research institution. At the same time, it is just during this event, and from the perspective of the plans of the future, that is has more expectations of growth as a fundamental pillar of Girona’s society, open to the world and new challenges.

The use of colour is proposed as a festive and playful combination that evokes youth and dynamism, and, in the applications of various sources with the figures in negative or, in positive, with white background, it appears with rigour as an alternative for other options the image is used in. Plain and resounding colours combine robustness with the figures’ flexibility.

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