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CFGS credit validation for the Dual Bachelor's Degree in Economy/ Bachelor’s Business Administration and Management


Students who have passed one of the higher level vocational training cycles (CFGS) listed can obtain validated credit transfer for the following subjects and credits:

International Trade (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (12 credits)

Administration and Finance (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (18 credits)

IT Systems Administration (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (6 credits)

Marketing and advertising (CFGS LOE)  (24 credits)

International trade (CFGS LOE) (42 credits)

Administration and finance (CFGS LOE) (54 credits)

International trade (CFGS LOGSE)  (12.00 credits)

Administration and finance (CFGS LOGSE)  (18.00 credits)

Administration of IT systems (CFGS LOGSE)  (6.00 credits)

Commercial management and marketing (CFGS LOGSE)  (6.00 credits)

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