Facultat de Ciències

Incoming students

Your first contact with the University of Girona (UdG) will be with the Office of International Relations. 

You will find information in their website

1.- First and as soon as possible, you must meet your tutor at the faculty (Vice-dean of international relationships, Marta Muñoz); the Office of International Relations will inform you the day and hour you must have the meeting.

2.- You have to regularize your academic situation at the secretary’s office of the Faculty of Sciences (contact person: Roser Collell):


Subjects taught in english 2018-2019      -  Experimental Projects 2018-19

If you are interested in carrying out an experimental work/trainee/final degree project within a research group in a Department or Institute at the Faculty of Sciences you should check the topics offered. An Experimental Project is a subject that has a variable number of ECTS (from 6 to 30 for one semester) and the exact number of ECTS has to be agreed between the Responsible professor and the Student. 

  • We will provide you with a student identity card of the University of Girona and a username and password for your UdG e-mail.

The secretary’s office of the Faculty of Sciences will provide you with a transcript of records (with the marks of all the courses and/or experimental project followed) for your home university. In case you have been working in a research group, we can also certify it. (Please inform us in advance of the date of your departure)

You can contact:

Dra. Marta Muñoz marta.munyoz@udg.edu for academical matters

Ms. Roser Collell roser.collell@udg.edu for administrative matters