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Grup de Recerca en Educació, Patrimoni i Arts Intermèdia (GREPAI)

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Prof. Dolors Cañabate, Department of Specific Didactics. University of Girona, Catalonia, Spain.

Dra. Dolors Cañabate is the IP of the Research Group GREPAI (Education, Heritage and Arts Intermedia). She has developed research along two lines:

1. Reflective and Cooperative Learning. Sustainable Education in Higher Education. The main interest here, is in fostering responsible, critical and active learning.

2. The languages of movement. The main interest is fostering all the sciences that use elements of the body as a strategy, from an integral perspective in the field of Education.

3-year publications (2016, 17 and 18):

1: Research Area on Reflective and Cooperative Learning. Sustainable Education in Higher Education:

1. Jordi Colomer, Laura Serra, Dolors Cañabate and Teresa Serra. Evaluating and assessment-centred reflective-based learning approaches. Sustainability, 10, 3122, 2018. Q2 JCR, Q2 SJR.
2. Dolors Cañabate, Laura Serra, Mariona Niell, Lluís Nogué, Teresa Serra and Jordi Colomer. Peer sustainable feedback in higher education: category-driven analysis on preservice students’ perception. Submitted to Sustainability. Q2 JCR, Q2 SJR.
3. Dolors Cañabate, Teresa Serra and Jordi Colomer. Pre-service students’ reflections on cooperative learning: instructional approaches and identity construction. Submitted to Sustainability. Q2 JCR, Q2 SJR.
4. Dolors Cañabate, Alba Soler. Movimiento y lenguajes. De la experiencia sensoperceptiva a la conciencia y el pensamiento. Ed. GRAÓ, Barcelona, 2017. ISBN:978-84-9980-757-7.
5. Carles Rostán, Dolors Cañabate, Mònica González, Pilar Albertín, Marc Pérez. A tool for assessing social climate in university classrooms. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology, 13 (36), 2015. Q3 SJR.

2: Research Area on Movement and its languages:

1. Dolors Cañabate, Montse Tesouro, Juan Puiggali, María Luisa Zagalaz. Current state of Physical Education from the point of view of teachers. Improvement proposals. Retos, 35, 47-53, 2019. Q3 SJR.
2. Dolors Cañabate, Mònica Santos, David Rodriguez, M.Luisa Zagalaz. Physical education and development of emotional self-regulation through introjective practices. Apunts, 2019 (In press). Q2 SJR.
3. Dolors Cañabate, Georgina Martínez, David Rodríguez and Jordi Colomer. Analysing emotions and social skills in physical education, Sustainability, 10(5), 1585, 2018. Q2 JCR, Q2 SJR.
4. Dolors Cañabate, Javier Olivera, Jordi Colomer. A language for growing. Apunts, 134, 146-155, 2018.
5. Dolors Cañabate, Pere Casals, Cristina Guijosa, Aleix Vila. Educació física i reptes físics cooperatius. Ed. GRAÓ, Barcelona, 2018.
ISBN 978-84-9980-914-4.
6. Dolors Cañabate, Sara Diez, David Rodríguez, María Luisa Zagalaz. Body-percussion as a good way to improve agility skills. Educatio Siglo XXI, 35 (2) 229-252, 2017.
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8. Dolors Cañabate, R. Fernández, Amador Jesús Lara, G. Ruiz. Improvement of tactical offensive behavior in collaborative situations and progression using a comprehensive teaching sp. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 8 (1), 35-52, 2016.