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Dr.  Ribas Maynou, Jordi

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Dr. Jordi Ribas-Maynou initiated his PhD studies under the supervision of Professors Benet and Navarro in sperm cell biology field at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). In 2011, he was granted a competitive PhD fellowship from Generalitat de Catalunya to study the clinical differential effects of single and double stranded sperm DNA breaks on male reproduction. During the PhD, he worked with Prof. W. Steven Ward’s research group at the Institute for Biogenesis Research (United States), where he contributed with two collaborative papers. Investigations conducted during the Fellow’s thesis led to the discovery of the relation between double strand breaks and recurrent miscarriage, leading to the development of a new diagnostic strategy for this affectation. His dissertation was awarded with the Cum Laude and the Extraordinary Award, and he was also one of the awardees at the “Best young investigator” by the Societat Catalana de Biologia.

After the PhD, he was granted a Torres Quevedo postdoctoral fellowship, from the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness, and joined a UAB spin-off company, as postdoctoral researcher, where he continued his work in different male infertility projects. There, he studied how double strand breaks in sperm DNA affect In Vitro Fertilization, published different papers and attended multiple conferences. During this stage, the Fellow maintained constant collaboration with UAB in the training of Master and PhD students. In 2020, he achieved a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Girona and in September 2020 joined TechnoSperm research group. Recently, as TECNIOSPRING fellow (Marie Curie COFUND), he developed a project on sperm Toroid Linker Regions. In 2023 he has been awarded as the researcher with the most noteworty career of the last ten years by the American Society of Andrology and the European Academy of Andrology. 

During his research track, Dr. Ribas-Maynou served as an ad-hoc reviewer for multiple journals and as Guest Editor for five journals. Also, he is Associate Editor of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology. The research work performed in his career is highlighted in more han 56 research articles in SCI/JCR-indexed journals most of them belonging to top journals in the first quartile; 6 book chapters; more than 100 communications in conferences (three of them having received an award); and participation in several research projects and contracts. 

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