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Language skills

Making sure you have the right language skills

At the University of Girona most subjects are taught in Catalan, but some are taught in Spanish or in English, and are open to exchange/mobility students; recommendation of language is specified at the "bilateral agreement". The situation regarding English skills might be different for students seeking a UdG degree. It is recommended to double check the specific study programme requirements.

Since Catalan, the most spoken language in our University and in the region, is a minority language, the UdG's External Relations Office organises, jointly with the Modern Languages Service, the Introductory Course on Catalan Language and Culture  in order to provide exchange/mobility students with some basic skills in that language, which can be useful for daily life.

Students who wish to take coursework at the University of Girona have the Interc@t multimedia Catalan language platform at their disposal. This programme gathers a large number of Catalan language resources into a single web page and is highlighted by the interactive course ‘Speakc@t, which enables students to familiarise themselves, before they arrive, with the basic vocabulary and language structures found in the most common conversational situations. The address is  and its access is totally free. In addition, students will have access to tutors who can guide them through the material and help them with any doubts they may have.

The Modern Languages Service  offers three language levels: I (basic), II (intermediate) and III (advanced). The content complies with that determined by the European Council through the ALTE (Association for Language Testers in Europe). The first level Catalan course (free for exchange students) is offered before the beginning of each semester (in September and in January) and enables students to follow coursework after one month of instruction. This training is complemented by the language exchanges offered to students through a speaking exchange programme with Catalan students who are also learning languages. For more detailed information, please visit Language exchange information .