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Dra.  Serra Putellas, Maria Teresa

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Teresa Serra

Institution: Universidad de Girona
Faculty: Escuela Politécnica Superior
Department: Departamento de Física
Postal Code: 17071
Researcher ID: L-9279-2014
Position: Associate professor

Research Interests

Teresa Serra’s main interest is in evaluating coastal sediment and microplastics transport processes and their impact on seagrasses.   Her publication list encompass several studies related to the flow through aquatic vegetation under both unidirectional and oscillatory flow regimes and sediment transport from plumes or gravity currents. She also studies the retention time of pollutants in coastal laggons. She studies the transport of microplastic particles associated with hydrodynamics and their interaction with suspended sediments.  Her studies into costal seagrasses and saltmarshes are carried out in both the laboratory and the field as she attempts to determine what the geomorphologic changes are in the presence and absence of seagrasses. Seagrass fragmentation has also been a key subject in her recent publications, as she seeks to determine the effect fragmentation it has and its implication for the canopy and geomorphology of costal seagrass beds. The last project in what she worked as IP was the project PlastikHUM. More information on this project can be found in

Now she is working in an european Cost Action dealing with the transport of microplastic particles in coastal ecosystems. More information in

Teresa Serra is also interested in finding eco-friendly methods for treating wastewater. She has been studying Daphnia magna filtration and how this can be applied to a tertiary treatment. The effects that temperature, light intensity, daylight hours have on Daphnia magna filtration, swimming and their mortality along with how Daphnia magna develop in the presence of typical wastewater chemicals are being investigated. She has recently worked in an european project, Innoqua (found in and now she is working in the project LIFE BIODAPH2O PROJECT.

Publications in the last 5 years

  1. Serra, T., Colomer, J., Soler, M and Pous, N. (2019) Daphnia magna filtration, swimming and mortality under ammonium, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate. Science of the Total Environment. 656: 331-337.
  2. Colomer, J., Contreras, A., Folkard, A. and Serra, T. (2019). Consolidated sediment resuspension in model vegetated canopies. Environmental Fluid Mechanics.
  3. Serra, T., Müller, M and Colomer, J. (2019) Functional responses of Daphnia magna to zero-mean turbulence. Scientific Reports.
  4. Colomer, J., Müller, M.F., Barcelona, A. and Serra, T. (2019) Mediated food and hydrodynamics on the ingestion of microplastics by Daphnia magna. Environmental Pollution. 251: 434-441.
  5. Serra, T., Müller, M.F., Barcelona, A. and Colomer, J. (2019) Optimal light-climate for Daphnia-based wastewater treatment. Science of the Total Environment. 686: 151-157.
  6. Soler, M., Colomer, J., Folkard, A. and Serra, T. (2020) Particle size segregation of turbidity corrent depòsits in vegetated canopies. Science of the Total Environment. 134784.
  7. Pous, N., Hidalgo, M., Serra, T., Colomer, J., Colprim, J. and Salvadó, V. (2020) Assessment of zooplankton-based eco-sustainable wastewater treatment at laboratory scale. Chemosphere. 238. 124683. 60 SCI. (30 out of 274, category: Environmental Sciences) Q1, T1.
  8. Colomer, J., Serra, T., Cañabate, D. and Bubnys, R. (2020) Reflective learning in higher education: Active methodologies for tranformative practices. Sustainability. 12(9). 3827.
  9. Serra, T., Pascual, J., Brunet, R. and Colomer, J. (2020) The mixing regime and turbidity of Lake Banyoles (NE Spain): Response to Climate change. Water. 12(6). 1621.
  10. Serra, T., Barcelona, A., Pous, N, Salvadó, V. and Colomer,J. (2020) Synergistic effects of water temperature, microplastics and ammonium as second and third order stressors on Daphnia magna. Environmental Pollution. 267, 115439.
  11. Serra, T., Gracias, N and Hendriks, I.E. (2020) Fragmentation in seagrass canòpies can alter hydrodynamics and sediment deposition rates. Water. 12(12), 3473.
  12. Pous, N., Barcelona, A., Sbardella, L., Hidalgo, M., Colomer, J., Serra, T. and Salvadó, V. (2021) Zooplankton-based reactors for tertiary wastewater treatment: A pilot-scale study. Journal of Environmental Management. 278. 111538.
  13. Barcelona, A., Colomer, J., Soler, M., Gracias, N and Serra, T. (2021) Meadow fragmentation influences Posidonia oceanica density at the edge of nearby gaps. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 249, 107106.
  14. Serra, T., Font E., Soler, M. (2021) Mean residence time of lagoons in shallow vegetated floodplains. Hydrological Processes. 35 (2), e14065.
  15. Soler,M., Serra, T., Folkard, A. and Colomer J. (2021) Hydrodynamics and sediment deposition in turbidity currents. Comparing continuous and patchy vegetation canopies. Journal of Hydrology. 594, 125750.
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  17. Barcelona, A., Oldham, C., Colomer, J., Garcia-Orellana, J. and Serra, T. (2021). Particle capture by seagrass canopies under an oscillatory flow. Coastal Engineering. 169. 103972.
  18. Colomer, J. and Serra, T. (2021). The world of edges in submerged vegetated marine canopies: from patch to canopy scale. Water. 13(17), 2430.
  19. Serra, T., Morellón, M., Soler, M., Valero-Garcés, B.L., Anselmetti, F.S. and Colomer, J. (2021). Recent pockmark activity in lake Banyoles (NE Spain) severely affected by changes in climate and land us. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies. 37, 100913.
  20. Pous, N., Barcelona, A., Sbardella, L., Gili, O., Hidalgo, M., Colomer, J., Serra, T. and Salvadó, V. (2021). Vermifilter and zooplankton-based system for wastewater treatment and reuse. Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. 4, 100153.
  21. Magester, S., Barcelona, A., Colomer, J. and Serra, T. (2021). Vertical distribution of microplastics in water bodies causes sublethal effects and changes in Daphnia magna swimming behaviour. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 228, 113001.
  22. Serra, T., Soler, M., Barcelona, A. and Colomer, J. (2022). Sediment transport and deposition in sediment replenished artificial floods in Mediterranean rovers. Journal of Hydrology. 609. 127756.
  23. Serra, T., Barcelona, A., Pous, N., Salvadó, V. and Colomer, J. (2022) Disinfection and particle removal by a nature based Daphnia filtration system for wastewater treatment. Journal of Water Processes Engineering. 50. 103238.
  24. Barcelona, A., Colomer, J. and Serra, T. (2023) Spatial sedimentation and plant captured sediment within seagrass patches. Marine Environmental Research. 188. 105997.
  25. Serra, T. and Colomer, J. (2023) Scavenging of polystyrene microplastics by sediment particles in both turbulent and calm aquatic environments. Science of the Total Environment. 884. 163720.
  26. Barcelona, A., Colomer, J. and Serra, T. (2023) Stem stiffness functionality in a submerged canopy patch under oscillatory flow. Scientific Reports. 13(1). 1904.

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