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Research at the UdG



Oficina Investigació i Transferència Tecnològica

Parc Científic i Tecnològic
Edifici Jaume Casademont
C/ Pic de Peguera, 15
17071 GIRONA Enllaç al mapa de situació

Tel. 972 41 82 51
Fax. 972 41 88 96

Adreça de correu electrònic / Dirección de correo electrónico / E-mail address bustia.oitt@udg.edu

Research at the UdG

Research and investigation at the University of Girona is carried out in 20 departments, 8 institutes and 12 research chairs; in technology stations such as observatories and laboratories; as well as in more than a hundred research groups in specialised areas of knowledge (scientific, technical, humanistic or the social sciences).

In addition, the UdG has Technical Research Services, campuses for specialised applied research and various libraries. Through the Office of Research and Technology Transfer, the UdG oversees assistance to research personnel, research in progress and the dissemination of results in society.

This collaboration and technology transfer take place at the Science and Technology Park.

The University of Girona promotes the training of researchers through its own grants programme, complementing those of the Government of Catalonia and of the central government. This organisation of research assures greater excellence and internationalisation.