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Crèdits ECTS:



  • 4. Utilitzar la llengua anglesa i una altra llengua estrangera
  • 9. Tenir habilitat per a les relacions personals en qualsevol context i situació.
  • 17. Comunicar-se oralment i per escrit
  • 21. Utilitzar la terminologia i el llenguatge dels diversos àmbits turístics


1. Relative relationships In this module, students will: 1.1. Use defining and non-defining relative clauses and learn about the causative passive with “have” and “get”. 1.2. Use phrasal verbs and specific vocabulary to describe people. 1.3 Write an article/email. 1.4. Practice Reading paper (multiple choice). 1.5. Practice Use of English paper (multiple-choice cloze, open cloze, transformations). 1.6. Practice Listening paper (multiple matching, multiple choice). 1.7. Prepare for the collaborative task (part 3) and the interview (part 1) in the Speaking paper.

2. Value For Money In this module students will: 2.1. Review the present perfect simple and continuous, review language to express preferences. 2.2. Learn vocabulary for shopping, towns and villages and paraphrasing. 2.3. Write an email and an essay. 2.4. Practise Reading paper (gapped text). 2.5. Practise Use of English (open cloze and transformations). 2.6. Practice Listening paper (sentence completion and multiple choice). 2.7. Speak about photos, prepare for the interview.

3. Up and Away In this module, students will: 3.1. Review future tenses and time linkers. 3.2. Use phrasal verbs and vocabulary of sleep and travel. 3.3. Write an essay and an article. 3.4. Practice Reading paper (gapped text). 3.5 Practice Use of English paper (word formation, transformations, multiple-choice cloze). 3.6. Practice Listening paper (multiple choice, multiple matching). 3.7. Speak about photos, prepare for the interview.


Tipus d’activitat Hores amb professor Hores sense professor Total
Altres 0 20 20
Anàlisi / estudi de casos 1,5 3 4,5
Classes participatives 2 0 2
Lectura / comentari de textos 5 0 5
Prova d'avaluació 5,5 18 23,5
Resolució d'exercicis 4 0 4
Seminaris 2 4 6
Simulacions 5 0 5
Visionat/audició de documents 5 0 5
Total 30 45 75


Avaluació i qualificació

Activitats d'avaluació:

Descripció de l'activitat Avaluació de l'activitat %
Mid-term Exam Mid-term Exam represents 30% of your final mark 30
January Exam (MOCK) January Exam represents 20% of your final mark 20
Speaking Test 1 Speaking Test 1 represents 10% of your final mark 10
Speaking Test 2 MOCK Speaking Test 2 represents 10% of your final mark 10
Portfolio Portfolio represents 30% of your final mark 30


Students may opt to follow a continuous assessment system (work and tests) at specified times during the academic year. If the final result of the Continuous Assessment is below 5 (the pass mark) students may take the final annual exam (written & oral) in January or February which will also be passed with a 5. To be able to take the CAMBRIDGE EXAM AT THE END OF THE COURSE, A MARK OF 55% IS NEEDED IN THIS FIRST EXAM.
The mark of this subject for those following the continuous Assessment will be the higher mark between the sum of all tasks and the one from the January exam.
Continuous assessment:
Unit Value
Final exams (January or February):
Oral: 40%
Listening: 20%
Reading: 20%
Writing (minimum 4): 20%
A minimum mark of 4 is required in the writing section of the final exams.

Criteris específics de la nota «No Presentat»:
Segons normativa de la Universitat de Girona:
La qualificació de "No Presentat" exhaureix convocatòria de qualificació als efectes previstos en la normativa de Permanència i progressió en estudis de grau de la Universitat de Girona.


Students are advised against plagiarism. Any detected and proved case of plagiarism will automatically be marked as a “0” (zero).
Students following the continuous assessment can miss 1 test or any evaluation task with no need of justification, except January and/or February exams where only a medical or work justification will be needed and accepted. Under no circumstances can any of the speaking
tests, tests and seminars be taken on a different date; however, this will not affect students’ mark. At the beginning of the course students will be provided with some further guidelines on the subject.

Assignatures recomanades

  • Anglès I
  • Anglès II
  • Anglès III