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Línia de recerca: Páncrees artificial: Modelat i control del metabolisme de la glucosa

The topics addressed so far in the field are: 1. Modelling of the glucose-insulin system: subcutaneous absorption of insulin, glucose absorption, glucoregulation, parametric identification, uncertainty characterization and optimal experiment design. 2. Prediction under uncertainty: Interval simulation, developed in previous projects and successfully applied to the fields of process engineering and structural monitoring, is have been adapted to predict the bunch of glucose profiles face to uncertainty in the patient parameters (insulin sensitivity, insulin absorption rate, etc.), initial state of the system and input (food intake, nutritional contents of a meal, etc.). Interval simulation is in the core of new decision support systems for bolus insulin dosage that take in to account intra-patient variability and provides insulin bolus advise in an efficient and save way. 3. Insulin therapy optimisation: minimisation of hypo- and hyperglycaemia risk face to uncertain behaviour, determination of the best insulin administration mode for tight postprandial control. 4. Continuous glucose monitoring: advanced calibration algorithms for accuracy improvement, detection of wrong measurements through statistical learning methods, clustering and local model identification of sensor behaviour, continuous glucose monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 5. Closed-loop glucose control in type 1 diabetes: control algorithms development for the artificial pancreas, with emphasis in robustness (sliding mode control, model predictive control, etc). Research is being conducted in the field of robust control of systems with parametric and unstructured uncertainty. In general terms, set-based methods have been developed which allow designing controllers for a set of linear plants to fulfill a family of specifications such as, for instance, to have a response characterized by a set of reference models. This is for instance the control problem in the regulation of postprandial glucose where the desired glucose profile is not a fixed curve, but a bunch of curves indicating a normal behavior. 6. Closed-loop glucose control in the ICU: algorithms for glucose control in critically ill patients.

Codis UNESCO vinculats

1203.20 Sistemes de control mèdic
3311.02 Enginyeria de control
3314 Tecnologia mèdica (vegeu 3311.10)

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