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Mrs.   Ruiz Aguado, Carmen

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Brief CV


  • Master's degree in Education and ICT, specialising in research (UOC 2009-2013).
  • Degree in East Asian Studies (UOC 2004-2008).
  • Technician in Tourism Business and Activities (TEAT) with English and French (INSETUR/UDG, 1995).
  • Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management in English and French (CETA, 1988-1991).


  • Tesipro, reservations and check-in (EUTDH, 2014)
  • Community Manager (Paumar Training Centre, 2012).
  • Online Marketing (Paumar Training Centre, 2012).
  • e-info course (Amadeus Spain, 2010).
  • Amadeus Hotel and Car Application Course (Amadeus Spain, 2009).
  • Amadeus Selling Platform course. (Savia-Amadeus, Barcelona. 2007).
  • Amadeus instructor training and qualification (Savia-Amadeus, 2006).
  • Amadeus booking course (, 2006).
  • Course on fares and air ticketing with Amadeus. (, 2006).
  • IATA/FUAAV basic course leading to the IATA Travel Agent Diploma (2003).
  • Seminar on tourist attractions in Australia (Australian Tourist Board, 1998).
  • Course on Hotel SME Management (CIFO La Violeta, 1996).
  • Course on quality in customer service (Iberia, 1995).
  • Amadeus reservations course (Iberia, 1994).
  • Seminar on telephone assistance in information and sales services (Iberia, 1993).
  • Aircraft loading and centring licence (Iberia-Spanish Civil Aviation, 1993).
  • Advanced course on air fares and ticketing (Iberia, 1992).
  • General Index Information and Timatic course (Iberia, 1991).
  • Basic course on air fares: construction and ticketing (Iberia, 1991).
  • Basic course on air traffic and Iberia's passenger reservation and check-in system (Iberia, 1988).


EUTDH. Lecturer in Computerised Marketing, Tourism Sector Skills and Tourism Topics for the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism (teaching in English) and Fundamentals of the Tourism and Hotel Sector, Rooms division Management I and II and Electronic Marketing in the Hotel Sector for the Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management. Final Degree Project Tutor (September 2013-present).

EUHT SAN POL. Lecturer in Rooms division management and Revenue Management for the Master's Degree in Hospitality Management, Distribution Strategies and Revenue Management (Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management), TFG tutor and Distribution Systems for the Summer Courses (April 2016-present).

FUNDACIÓ UAB . Cycle coordinator, FCT tutor and teacher of the subject International Marketing for the CFGS in International Commerce (January 2014-May 2015).

ACTÚA-INSERCOOP. Training for a group of unemployed young people in tourism and wine tourism. Sporadic collaborations (July 2016-July 2018). 

ESCOLA D'ENOTURISME DE CATALUNYA. Teacher of Protocol and Public Relations and Tourist Information Services modules of the CFGS Tourist guide, information and assistance, specialising in wine tourism guiding. (September 2018-present).

VILAFRANCA DEL PENEDÉS TOWN COUNCIL. Teacher UF080: Organisation of the local tourist information service of the certificate of professionalism of Local tourist promotion and visitor information. Teacher of the training modules: "Design of local tourism products and services" and "Promotion and marketing of local tourism products and services" of the certificate of professionalism in Local tourism promotion and visitor information (February 2014-June 2018). 

CAREER BCN. Teacher of the training modules "Preparation and management of package tours" and "Event management" of the certificate of professionalism of Creation and Management of Package Tours and Events" by the CFO Layret (body under the Vilafranca del Penedès Town Council) (February-June 2013).

UOC. Consultant on Practicum I for the Diploma and Degree in Tourism and Tourism Services Management and Tourism Intermediation and TFG tutoring for the Degree in Tourism; SICS for tourism sustainability and Advanced Tourism Information Systems for the Master's Degree in Sustainable Tourism and ICT (September 2010-present).

EUT EUROAULA. Director and coordinator of CFGS (Commercial Management and Marketing, Tourist Accommodation Management, Travel Agencies and Event Management and Guide, Tourist Information and Assistance). Responsible for the Job Bank, professional internships and HR of the centre. Assistant to the Director of the Degree in Tourism. Responsible for training programmes of the Degree in Tourism. Responsible for the Erasmus university exchange programme (researching new collaboration agreements and carrying out procedures for students and teaching staff). Teacher of CFGS (Sales of services in travel agencies and air transport and final project of the tourism cycles) and teacher of the Degree in Tourism (Operational management of travel agencies and Practicum) (June 2010-April 2012).

EUTDH (University School of Tourism and Hotel Management of the UAB). Lecturer in Computerised Marketing, Operational Management of Travel Agencies and Operations and Production Processes for the Diploma in Tourism and in the subjects Analysis of the Tourism Sector, Skills in the Tourism Sector and Computerised Marketing for the Degree in Tourism. Coordinator of the postgraduate course in Management and Consultancy Techniques in Travel Agencies. (October 2005-June 2010).

FUNDACIÓ FIAC. Lecturer in Tourism, Travel Agency Operational Management, Tourist Itinerary Design, Air Transport and Operations and Production Processes for the Diploma in Tourism (October 2003-June 2010).

EUROAULA. Lecturer in Tourism and the Structure of the Tourism Market for the Diploma in Tourism. (October 2003-June 2006). Lecturer in "New technologies", "Organisation and Management of tourist destinations", "Innovation strategies applied to tourism" and "Management of leisure companies" in the Postgraduate course in Tourism Management (October 2003-June 2007). Lecturer in Structural analysis of the tourist Industry, New Technologies and Business strategies for the Travel Agents in the Master's Degree in tourism management. (October 2003-June 2004). Seminar on "Amadeus" for travel agency professionals (October 2003, June 2010). Teacher of "Production and Preparation of tourist services in Travel Agencies", "Organisation and control of the Travel Agency and "Economic and financial management of the travel agency" in the CFGS in Travel Agency (September 2004- June 2006) and "Tourist transport" (February 2008-June 2011) and Operations and Production Processes (February 2009-June 2010) in the Diploma in tourism. 

FUNDACIÓ FIAC. Teacher of the subjects "Assistance and Group Guidance" and "Tourist Information at destination", CFGS "Tourist Information and Marketing" (September 2007-June 2008).

AMADEUS SPAIN. Trainer in the Amadeus classroom in Barcelona. Amadeus Reservations and Air Ticketing courses and Amadeus Selling Plattform application. Training for active travel agents. (June 2007- June 2010).

UNED. Tutor of the subjects "Economic analysis of tourism" and "Communication and Distribution of tourism products" (October 2006-June 2007).

SAVONIA POLYTECHNIC. Erasmus teacher exchange programme. 13 hours of teaching on leisure and adventure tourism products and activities in Spain. Kuopio, Finland (March 2006).

CENTRE D'ESTUDIS ALFA. Teacher of occupational training course "Travel Agency Employee". (July 2004, March 2005).

TURISVIA. Teacher of courses Wholesale and Retail Travel Agent, Amadeus, Airline Employee and Hotel Receptionist (classroom and distance learning). Training Director since July 2005. Development of training programmes and contents of the courses of Housekeeper, Hotel Receptionist, Airline Clerk and Travel Agency for online training. Teacher of occupational training course Hotel Receptionist. (October 2000, June 2009).

CENTRE D'ESTUDIS ATA. Teacher of Travel Agent Course. Non-formal education. (October 1998-June 2000).


GOANDBE TRAVEL. Online consultant specialising in tailor-made long distance travel. (October 2017-present).

REAL SOUND SYSTEM. Travel manager and assistant for company specialising in the organisation of musical events and artist representation (May 2009-June 2010).

CULTURA AFRICANA Y VIAJES, S.L. Saleswoman and programmer of group and tailor-made trips specialised in the African continent. Economic control of the Barcelona office. (July 2006-March 2009).

ATLC and FUNDACIÓ FIAC. Prospecting, study, inventory of tourist resources and analysis of the tasks carried out by the ATLC Association for the sustainable tourist development of the Chef Chaouen area in Morocco. (June 2006).

ORIXÀ TRAVEL. Salesperson/programmer of tailor-made trips specialising in Southeast Asia, America, Africa, Oceania and Iceland. Prospecting trip for the development of the "Mekong" product. (April 2001, August 2004).

B & J EDITORS. Collaborating writer of interviews and music reviews for the magazines "DJ1" and "Worldmusic" (September 2001, March 2004).

SOL90 EDITORES. Writer-collaborator in the elaboration of 12 Internet guides published by "El Periódico de Cataluña". Editor of travel and tourism articles in the "Tiempo Web" supplement of the magazine "Tiempo" (June - December 2000).

D.A.L.I, S.L. Export and management secretary in a lighting factory specialising in projects for the hotel industry. Preparation of invoicing, shipping lists and expeditions. Correspondence of the company's directors and organisation of their trips. (February 1999-September 2000).

EISSMAN. Sales of frozen food at home (June 1998-January 1999).

AÑOS LUZ, S.A. Responsible for the automatic and manual issuing of airline tickets through Amadeus. Programmer of tailor-made trips to Iceland. Sales of Años Luz's specialised product, as well as wholesalers' products and tailor-made programmes to exotic destinations (November 1996- June 1998).

IBERIAN CÍA MARKETEL. Public relations-promoter of Club de Vacaciones (timeshare) (July-October 1996).

IBERIA, L.A.E. 2nd Administrative Officer. Check-in and boarding of flights, information service, public relations and incidents, attention to unaccompanied minors. (March 1988- September 1995).

INFUME, S.A. "Administrative-accountant". Office management: payroll, purchasing, invoicing, orders, accounting, forecasting of receipts and payments, bank management, etc. (February 1986-February 1988).


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