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Dr.  Vilanova Busquets, Joan Carles

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Joan C. (Kai) Vilanova  MD, PhD

Researcher ID:


  • Graduated in  Medicine (MD) from the University of Barcelona, Spain (1988)
  • Doctor in Medicine (PhD) from the University of Barcelona, Spain (2008)
  • Board Certified Radiologist. University Hospital Dr. J. Trueta. Girona. Spain (1992)
  • Fellowship. American Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP). Washington, DC, USA (1992)-


  • Director of  Magnetic Resonance Institute. Clínica Girona. Girona. Spain
  • Staff consultant. Institute of Diagnostic Imaging (IDI). Institute Catalan of Health. Spain
  • Associate professor. Coordinator of Radiology. School of Medicine. University of Girona. Spain


•Chairman of the Local Committee of the ESMRMB Congress On line- Barcelona October 2020.  

•Member of the Local Committee of the ISS Annual Meeting. Barcelona 2020 (2022).

•Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish National Congress of Radiology (SERAM). Pamplona, Spain 2018

• Chairman of the Spanish Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (2007-2011) - SERME

• Chairman of the Tumor SubCommittee of the European Society of Skeletal Radiology. ESSR (2008-2010)

• Director of the musculoskeletal MRI courses-School of MRI- of the ESMRMB 2004-2018

• Chairman cases of the day. ECR- European Congress of Radiology 2014.

• Member planning Committee musculoskeletal - ECR European Congress of Radiology 2010-2014

• Recognition of the professional career of the Medical Association of Girona 2016

• Award for research in Spanish Radiology - SERAM - Sevilla, 2008.

• More than 200 conferences in congresses-national and international courses

• Participation in 40 projects-research grants

• 32 scientific awards in national and international congresses, highlighting Magna cum Laude in Vienna (ECR 2006), in Chicago (RSNA 2009). Best presentation: ESSR 2006, Bruges (Belgium). Cum Laude: SERAM Sevilla 2008, RSNA, 2010, 2012, 2015 and SERAM 2014.

• Member of National & International Societies: SERAM, ECR, ESMRMB, ESSR, RSNA, SERME, ESUR, ESOI, ICIS, ARRS




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Book chapters:

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