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Calendars of activities

Calendar of activities for the academic year 2019-20

The Careers Guidance Service of the University-Company Office runs the Skills School activities, which are designed to maximise the employability of students and university graduates.

2nd Semester - 2019-20 academic year programme (PDF)

Free capsules to find work

Skills School poster - Free capsules to find work. The textual information contained in the image is given in the following two paragraphs, and the heading of the table and the text is Information and inscriptions

Improve your professional skills.

In an ever more competitive job market, professionalising skills are what distinguishes one candidate from the rest. They are the skills most highly valued by recruiters, making the company choose you. That is why the University of Girona's UdG Employment is offering you the opportunity this academic year (2019-2020) to train in 9 skills, in 18 absolutely free courses.

Communication 4 capsules 12 hours of training
Motivation 1 capsule 3 hours of training
Networking 1 capsule 3 hours of training
Leadership. 1 capsule 4 hours of training
Self-confidence 2 capsules 8 hours of training
Negotiating 1 capsule 3 hours of training
Entrepreneurship 3 capsules 10 hours of training
Creativity 1 capsule 4 hours of training
Technology 3 capsules 19 hours of training

The objective of the programme is to acquire the little extra you need to find your ideal job or placement.

Information and registration:

Skills School - www.udg.edu/udgocupacio


Calendar: In the first semester, the capsules will take place between 26 September 2019 and 19 December 2019, and in the second semester between 15 February and 21 May 2020.
All the activities are free and prior registration is required.

See all the activities in theACTIVITIES AGENDA

Academic recognition

The UdG's bachelor's degree students will be able to obtain 2 ECTS credits per year, up to a maximum of 6 ECTS credits over the course of the bachelor's degree.

These activities are carried out within the framework of the agreement signed between the Department of Business Studies and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia and the Catalan universities to promote job insertion and improve young students’ and university graduates’ employability. The programme is subsidised/funded by the Public Sector Employment Service of Catalonia, with funds provided by Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social .

Employment Service of Catalonia - Government of Catalonia - Ministry of Employment, Migration and Social Security, State Employment Public Service