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Mission, functions and dependent entities

Structure of the University of Girona

The University of Girona is grounded on the basic principles of freedom, justice, solidarity and the culture of peace, and is committed to promoting education in values and in equal opportunities, and to fighting against discrimination on the grounds of gender, class, ethnicity, religion or any other distinctive feature of persons and collectives, assuming the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations as its own.

In accordance with these principles and the ideals of solidarity among peoples, the University of Girona will cooperate in the social and cultural progress of poor and impoverished countries and countries in the process of development. 

Functions of the University of Girona

The objectives of the University of Girona are:

  • To strive for excellence in the teaching of all the cycles of university education.
  • To strive for excellence in research in all the fields of science, technology, the humanities, the social sciences and the arts.
  • To provide the highest quality services.
  • To take part in the progress and development of society through the creation, transmission, diffusion and criticism of science, technology, the humanities, the social sciences and the arts.
  • To take part in improving the education system and to promoting university extension, lifelong learning and cultural activities, while fostering society’s participation and welcoming the intellectual and artistic activity in the different fields of culture and knowledge developed in its environment.
  • To seek to effectively place its academic staff among the European university community and among the international scientific community and to promote the exchange of knowledge and information with other institutions.
  • To strive for excellence in administrative management to facilitate and guarantee the development of the activities that will allow the University to reach the proposed goals.
  • To foster the diffusion of the values of a democratic society. To this end, and adapted to each teaching area, the University of Girona promotes knowledge of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • To foster the diffusion of environmental values and sustainability, especially through the curricular greening of the campus.

Entities linked to the University of Girona

In accordance with its Statutes, the goals of the “Girona, University and Future” Private Foundation (FGUiF) are:

  • To promote the UdG’s relations with public and private institutions in the Girona counties.
  • To foster the creation of new research and investigation studies and programmes.
  • To cooperate in setting up and running research centres, and helping to disseminate the studies and research carried out.
  • To subsidise congresses, seminars and conferences held at and organised by the UdG.
  • To promote UdG publications.
  • To institute and provide scholarships, grants and subsidies for university studies and tasks.
  • To contribute to the funding of the University of Girona Chairs and Observatories.

The foundation comes from the Polytechnic Foundation of Training and Technological Innovation, which came from the former Polytechnic School. Its objectives are to promote and contribute to the progress of society, facilitating the job market insertion of professionals and especially university graduates in their specific professional areas and broadening their academic, scientific and cultural knowledge.

You can access its website here
You can access its transparency portal here.

Vision: The ParcUdG aims to be the main agent promoting the economic development of the regions of Girona in terms of knowledge and technology. 

Mission: The ParcUdG must create, develop and expand: 
. an attractive physical space (buildings and environment) 
. a set of scientific and technological infrastructures 
. services related to the innovation and technology that provide entities with differentiating, competitive factors based on knowledge.

You can access its website here.

The goal of the Foundation is to make the most of the human research capital and existing knowledge in the university and professional area to investigate and do basic and applied research in the fields of social and socio-health services, transferring the results obtained to the daily reality of social intervention, and to especially endow the design, implementation and evaluation of the public policies in these areas with technical-scientific consistency.

In order to pursue its founding purpose, the Foundation develops the non-profit actions detailed below:

  • To create an inter-sector space that addresses social and socio-health care in an interdisciplinary and innovative way.
  • To do applied research and knowledge transfer.
  • To promote the training and skill building of the professionals in these areas.
  • To foster the exchange of information and generate debate on subjects of interest.
  • To be a meeting point for experts, professionals and students in the areas of interest of the Foundation, and for affected persons and their families and organisations, which can provide an opportunity to reflect, generating innovation and encouraging networking.
  • To launch initiatives in the areas of action at the service of the territory’s public and private entities.
  • To foster exchange and solidarity through consolidating relations with entities in other countries and developing international cooperation programmes.
  • To diffuse and publish works produced or others that may be of interest to the goals pursued.

You can access to Foundation’s website here.

The Agroterritori Foundation pursues sustainable development applied to agriculture with a markedly territorial character. Therefore, the general objective of the Agroterritory Foundation is the preservation, development and management of agricultural spaces, and especially peri-urban areas.

Its action is grounded in the following principles:

  • That “there is no agricultural space without farmers”, which is why the AGROTERRITORI Foundation is concerned about the peri-urban agricultural territory and the continuity of the agricultural industry.
  • That “the territory, landscape and peri-urban agricultural culture is very specific”, which is why the AGROTERRITORI Foundation contributes to critical knowledge of the initiatives capable of promoting transformations that make peri-urban territorial stability and the continuity of agricultural activity possible.
  • That “the preservation, development and management of peri-urban spaces is not only the responsibility of the agricultural industry, but of society as a whole”, which is why the AGROTERRITORI Foundation is open to society based on the study, reflection, research and diffusion of any subject matter related the peri-urban territory and the agricultural activity developed there.

For more information you can see its website here.

The following document lists the organisations and entities the University of Girona participates or is represented in.

To be considered as a Spin-Off of the UdG, the UdG must participate in the company, which must exploit the technology or knowledge of the University with the participation of one or more members of the teaching and research staff of the UdG.

For more information about company creation at the UdG.

List of UdG Spin-offs

The affiliation agreements can be accessed in theagreements section 

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