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Collaborative research

What do you need to develop the technology?

  • The University of Girona has a set of infrastructures equipped with instruments, materials and specific machinery in each area of knowledge. These can be used to support collaborative research between the companies that compose the industrial fabric in the surrounding area and the University of Girona research groups.
  • The University of Girona has more than 1,000 highly qualified researchers with the capacity to conduct research in various areas of knowledge. They can support companies in the surrounding area to develop products, tools and innovative materials to be commercialized.

Com treballem

La Universitat de Girona incorpora una àmplia oferta tecnològica que consta de potents infraestructures i tècnics altament especialitzats. Aquesta oferta tecnològica s'estructura en centres de recerca i transferència que es troben distribuïts entre les diverses facultats i el PCiT de la UdG. De tots ells en destaquem aquells que realitzen més transferència i formen part de la Xarxa TECNIO.

We collaborate in your R+D+i

Contact with us at or call us on tel. 972 41 89 65 and we will put you in touch with the research group/researcher best suited to your needs.

The TECNIO Network, promoted by ACC1Ó, the Catalan government's innovation and internationalisation support agency, is made up of officers who are experts in knowledge transfer with the capacity to provide technological-innovation services to companies in Catalonia.

TheUniversity of Girona has 4 research groups affiliated to this network of excellence and the Valuation Unit itself as TECNIO facilitator.

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