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Academic record transfer


Academic record transfer of studies with a minimum of 30 recognised credits:



Requirements: 30 credits recognised in the new degree

Number of places:

Students coming from Spanish universities
Students coming from foreign universities

Application period:

From 1 to 15 March 2023. 

Further information on academic record transfers and applications

Assignment of places:

If the number of applications for admission that meet the requirement of a minimum 30 credits is higher than the number of available places, applications will be assessed under the following criteria:

  1. The admissions score or, failing that, the university-access score, will be assessed up to a maximum of 5 points. The score used by the Faculty of Medicine will be the weighting of the grades as follows: the highest grade (14) will be given 5 points and the lowest (5) will receive 0 points. If this documentation is not presented (in the case of foreign students only accreditation issued by UNED will be accepted to enter the university), the score in this criteria will be 0.
  2. The student's academic record of origin will be appraised up to a maximum of 5 points. The following formula will be applied: the marks of the recognised credit transfer subjects will be multiplied by their weight in credits and the results added up. Credits that do not have numeric mark (CV, AD, recognised credits, pass, etc.) will be assigned a 5. As above, 5 points will be awarded to the highest result and will decrease in accordance with the result obtained, until the last result which will score 0 in this section.

The place will be awarded to the highest score, which is the result of adding up the two points previously mentioned.

Offers of places for students from official Spanish university studies will be made independently to those for students from other university systems.

The number of places assigned is the same as the number of offers made, and applicants without a place can remain on a waiting list in the order established by the scoring process.

Definitive decision on awards:


University pre-enrolment:

Via university pre-enrolment“Via 7” via the admission mark for the degree requested.

Application period:

At the University of Girona’s Admissions Office (Edifici CIAE). Dates pending update

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