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Enrolment 2021-2022

New students of bachelor's degrees coming from university pre-enrolment


Initial application: Welcome letter

Once the Catalan government has allocated your place to you, you will receive an email from the UdG with your user code and a link for setting your password, as well as links to enrolment information on your bachelor's degree studies.

You will also receive an email from the faculty inviting you to an online information session we will be giving, to provide you with a general presentation of the faculty and the studies, and sort out any queries you may have, regardless of the information available to you on the website.

Staff at the secretary’s office will answer any doubts you may have by e-mail at secretaria.dretieconomiques@udg.edu.

We have also prepared a few online sessions for clearing up any queries you may have after consulting all the information, go to the link if you’d like to know their date and time. WE CLEAR UP QUERIES


Information sessions


The information session will be held via a virtual platform which you can connect to.

It will be held on 14 July, at 10 am.

The link to the session is: https://zoom.us/j/99492477216

You can use the chat option in this session to ask any questions you might have.

The session will be recorded and posted so that you can view it later.


You can also consult the recorded session. 


Orientate yourself in 5 minutes

Finally, we have also prepared a few online sessions for clearing up any queries you may have after consulting all the information, go to the link if you’d like to know their date and time. WE CLEAR UP QUERIES


What are the steps to follow to enrol?


  • Use the address provided in the message from the University to set your password. 
  • Access the online enrolment app with your user code and password. You will find the enrolment day and time you have been assigned.
  • Click on the Grants and allowances tab. If you are entitled to any discounts that are not recognised, you will have the option to start the recognition procedure by pressing the corresponding "Request” button and attaching scans of the necessary documentation. Your school’s secretary's office will validate the documents so that, where appropriate, you can enjoy the corresponding discount on your enrolment or free enrolment.
  • You will be asked for the international number of your bank account (IBAN) for enrolment. If you are not the account holder, you will need to carry out the online procedure to Communicate or amend bank details and attach a copy of the account holder’s DNI (national identity document). To access it you will have to enter your academic record, the Procedures tab and follow the application's instructions.


Attend the virtual information session. Anyone unable to attend can view the recording of the session.


Formalise online enrolment following the instructions in the Basic guide to self-enrolment.

You will be able to carry out the enrolment from the day and time assigned for enrolment until the end of the corresponding period established in the calendar.

It is important to make sure you are enrolled for the subjects and group you want as changes cannot be made outside the established administrative calendar. 

In accordance with the regulations of enrolment, only second semester subjects can be changed and during a single period of time in February.

You will only be able to enrol on subjects corresponding to the first two semesters and you will have to provide evidence of at least 30 credits in the first two years in order to be able to continue on your chosen course.

You will find class timetables in the Student Guide or in the class-timetable section of the Faculty's web page: www.udg.edu/fcee - Timetables and Examinations

When a group is full no more students will be admitted (for compulsory subjects another group will be assigned but once optional subjects are full they cannot be expanded). Students have to go to the classes for their assigned group.

For compulsory subjects, students may ask to change groups within the allotted time period and for the justified reasons established. See the terms and conditions in the CHANGING GROUP procedure.


Download the UdG App (available for Android and iOS) and activate your student ID card or TUI (Smart University Card) using the personal area of La meva UdG.


How does the online enrolment program work?

The Online enrolment guide is available to you and explains different topics such as validated credit transfers, grants and allowances...

You can also consult the Basic guide to self-enrolment where you will be shown all the screens that you will find. In summary, online enrolment is a very simple application based on different steps:

  • Identification.
  • Beginning of enrolment.
  • Personal details screen (date and place of birth and confirmation of whether or not you authorise sharing of your address and other details).
  • Selecting the course modules you would like to enrol on by marking them and checking that they appear in the bottom border. If you would like to delete any, you should mark them in the bottom border and they will disappear.
  • Make the relevant group changes (students can only choose the group if there are spaces)
  • Tick the enrolment conditions, optional services, add your IBAN account number and payment number. 
  • Check payment and confirm enrolment.
  • Printing two copies.
  • Exit.

Paying for enrolment


There are several payment methods to choose from:

In one single payment or in instalments whenever the minimum academic fee is greater than €200. The final amount is the same as it would be in a single payment (no interest is charged) and it can be divided into two or three instalments or a monthly payment (payments are made on the 5th of every month and the last payment will be taken on 5 May).

Here you can find the University payment deadlines.

You can also select an AGAUR credit.


Other formalities related with starting your course

Have you come from a training cycle and wish to obtain recognition for your completed studies?

Had you already started a university course and you want to request validated credit transfers?

If you go to Procedures section in the left-hand menu on the Faculty website, you can find out what you have to do. You will also be given the information you need in the information session.


Beginning of the classes and folder collection

BEGINNING OF CLASSES: Monday the 13th September 2021.

Collecting your folder: A new feature will be added to "La meva" before the start of the year on how you can collect your folder.

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