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Joint Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology(DIPE)

Joint Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology(DIPE)

Academic year 2023-2024

General information

General information

Joint Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology(DIPE)
Faculty of Education and Psychology
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Why should I study for a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology?

The Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology - DIPE (, with a strong background and experience, has come about in response to the demand for new educational scenarios and contexts that require us to rethink our approach to research and intervention in educational psychology in 21st century societies. Through the Joint Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology - DIPE, the universities involved offer:

  • A quality doctoral programme, based on principles of epistemological, conceptual and methodological coherence, geared towards knowledge and research in educational processes in different contexts, scenarios and among different collectives.
  • An extensive range of research projects conducted by various leading groups concerning psycho-educational theory and practice, fostering the development and dissemination of the lines of work of the participating groups, and ongoing collaboration and exchange in theoretical and methodological training sessions.
  • An extensive range of resources and joint research projects with the aim of giving the research an international scope or extending the possibilities for training in educational psychology in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and America.

Learning objectives

The Joint Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology (DIPE) is the result of the close collaboration between the University of Barcelona, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Ramon Llull University and the University of Girona. The main objective of the programme is to join forces and establish collaborations with the aim of facilitating and promoting sound theoretical and practical training in psychology linked to educational theory and practice, either in a formal or informal setting. This doctoral programme brings together a number of established research groups from the participating universities with extensive experience in research and psycho-educational intervention.

Lines of research

1. Psycho-educational support in the community context

1.1. Language, cognition and education. Dr Elisabet Serrat, Dr Francesc Sidera

1.2 Culture, education and development of social cognition. Dr Thomas Castelain

1.3. Analyses of linguistic, identity and cultural diversity. Dr Julie Waddington

1.4. Teaching and learning in physical education and sport. Dr Víctor López-Ros, Dr Raquel Font

1.5. Educational innovation, sustainability and social change. Dr Alfredo Jornet

1.6. Family relationships, school and community. Dr Moisès Esteban-Guitart


The Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology is governed by Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, which establishes the organisation of official doctoral studies programmes. The access requirements are those set out in this Royal Decree and which can be consulted at the following web address

Admission criteria


Training courses

Regarding educational activities, the School of Doctoral Studies organises courses, seminars and other cross-disciplinary educational activities (soft skills) directed at research training and assisting with the writing and presentation of the doctoral thesis. We ask that the courses be given in English as our language of choice, although Catalan is the language most frequently used. They are generally 10-hour courses or seminars. There are a series of activities that are transferable and are of interest to all doctoral programmes, and others that are specific to a particular doctoral programme 

Educational course catalogue


You need to know

Doctoral student guide

Joint Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology (DIPE)
Assessment criteria for special doctoral awards

The criteria for the doctoral degree special award for our programme have now been established. The scoring proposal is as follows:

- Thesis-related publications in journals indexed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR): 1 point per article up to a maximum of 5 articles/points. (0-5 points).

Participation in conferences, seminars or talks (minimum one participation): 1 point. 

- Participation in research projects (minimum one project): 1 point. 

- National research stay (minimum one stay: 1 point) or international research stay (minimum one stay: 2 points). (0-2 points). 

- International mention of the doctoral degree: 1 point. 

Total maximum: 10 points. 

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