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CFGS credit validation for the Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

2019-20 academic year

Students who have passed one of the higher level vocational training cycles (CFGS) listed can obtain validated credit transfer for the following subjects and credits:

Mountain Skiing (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (6 credits)

Climbing (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (6 credits)

High Mountain (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (6 credits)

Athletics (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (6 credits)

Basketball (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (12 credits)

Handball (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (12 credits)

Physical Activity and Sports Studies (LOGSE) (CFGS LOGSE) (12 credits)

Sailing with running rigging (CFGS LOE) (6 credits)

Sailing with standing rigging (CFGS LOE) (6 credits)

Life-saving and rescuing (CFGS LOE) (6 credits)

Snow surfing (CFGS LOGSE) (6 credits)

Cross-country skiing (CFGS LOGSE) (6 credits)

Downhill skiing (CFGS LOGSE) (6 credits)

Indoor football (CFGS LOGSE) (12 credits)

Football (CFGS LOGSE) (12 credits)

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