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Enrolment for students enrolling for the first time in a bachelor's degree course

First year enrolment at the Polytechnic


Enrolment period for 2020-2021

Enrolment calendar

  • 7 to 10 September: 1st-choice allocations, June exam session
  • 10 September: 1st-choice appeals and final allocations
  • 21 to 23 September: 2nd allocation, June exam session
  • 30 September and 1 October: 2nd allocation appeals and 1st re-allocation, June exam session
  • 7 October: 2nd re-allocation, June exam session



  1. Before you starting your enrolment, check your personal details and the allowances section
  2. You can only make changes on the same day that the enrolment is made on. After then you will have to contact the academic secretary’s office by email to infoacademica.eps@udg.edu, explaining your particular case.
  3. Download the UdG mobile app called TUI, on the day after your enrolment, and you will have your student card. Further information is available from http://www.udg.edu/ca/viu/Serveis-universitaris/Carnet-destudiant

Online enrolment

You can enrol from any computer with an internet connection, Mondays to Fridays, from 8 am to 1 am. On the last day of enrolment, according to the established calendar, online enrolment will close at 11.59 pm.



If you are the hold of the account you will have to provide the holder’s authorisation, before you enrol (download model).




Please be aware



You have three exam sessions to pass each of the subjects in (one every year).Being “absent” will count as having attended the exam.

You can prevent your exam session from being counted by requesting its cancellation any time up until the date established in the academic and administrative calendar.


Important (after enrolling):


Contact the Academic Secretary's Office

You can email your inquiry during the enrolment to infoacademica.eps@udg.edu and attach screenshots, where necessary, when you send us your query, which we will attempt to resolve within 24 hours. You can also phone us on 972 41 84 20.

Consult the public-assistance times

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