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Chromatic range

The University of Girona’s visual identity is based on the following colour scheme.

This section explains the suitable uses of the chromatic scale.

Primary colour

Pantone Reflex Blue C is the University of Girona’s primary colour.

It must always be used on the logo and in University communications.

We recommend using the Pantone version in printing whenever possible.

PANTONE Reflex Blue C for printing on paper - CMYK 100 72 0 32 four-colour reproduction - RGB 0 20 screen use - HTML #001489 web use

Secondary Colours

The colour scale includes two secondary colours that can be combined with the primary colour Pantone Reflex Blue C.

For institutional communications, Pantone 7401 C must be used (see specific section ).

For Services and Administration communications, Pantone CoolGray 1 C must be used (see specific section).

For Corporate and Academic communications, one of the two colours can be used with the corresponding colour scale.

PANTONE 7401 C - CMYK 0 4 A27 0 - RGB 245 225 164 - HTML #f5e1a4PANTONE CoolGray 1 C - CMYK 4 2 4 8 - RGB 217 217 214 - HTML #d9d9d6

Other colour codes

The following section shows examples of the University of Girona logo used correctly. It is important to take them into account, so that the identity is maintained over time.

The University of Girona logo must be applied in its corporate colour PANTONE Reflex Blue C on a bright background, or WHITE on a dark background. Other colours are not accepted for the logo, although we reserve a range of earthy and scarlet colours (Pantone 7421 C, Pantone 7401 C, Pantone 7593) as supplementary colours for institutional campaigns.

White UdG mark on dark-blue colour background and dark-blue colour UdG mark on white background

White UdG brand about 3 different-colour background: navy blue, sky blue and greyUdG house brand on range of earthy and scarlet colours

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