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University Education Programme for people over the age of 50

Frequently asked questions

Josep Torrellas Program

Yes, but you must:

  • Take the examinations of the subjects and pass them
  • Having studies that enable admission (Upper secondary school education, CFGS, +25 years, etc.) and complete university pre-enrolment in order to obtain a place
  • Processing the validated credit transfers

You will have two independent reports open. One for the Degree and the other one for the Josep Torrellas programme.

No, to do a Postgraduate degree you will need to have a University Bachelor's Degree.


The course is divided into two semesters: from September to January and from February to June.

All of them.

The minimum is one subject and the maximum is 40 credits per academic year.

If it is in period of open enrolment the subject can be taken out but the money is NEVER given back if it is not for a serious reason.

Yes, like any other student.

  • University accreditation
  • Borrowing books from the Library
  • Shop discounts
  • Access to university spaces
  • Academic enquires

All subjects of the degrees that the University of Girona offers and that are approved by the coordinators of studies.

No, it be necessary to be enrolled.

The academic conditions of our pupils, of attendance as well as of evaluation, are the same as those of the pupils registered for a Bachelor's Degree in the subject. Unlike them however, the senior students do not have any duty to do work and examinations. In the report it will appear as Absent (NP).

The enrolment period is in September.

No academic requirement is necessary.

There is no problem if the requirement of being 50 years old or more is fulfilled.

According to the regulations of the Josep Torrellas programme approved by Governing Council no. 10/09 of 17 December 2009, no more than 120 credits corresponding to a course leading to an official degree can be obtained in an academic record.

Yes, provided that the subject has not been evaluated and approved, with students who have never enrolled on the subject having priority.

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