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The Sustainable Production & Supply of Food Challenge

Cardiff Council in collaboration with Monmouthshire County Council are seeking to identify and support projects to develop innovative solutions which can significantly improve the sustainable production and supply of food.

The Challenge looks for applicants to harness the potential of land, technology and people to increase the sustainable production and supply of locally grown food in the Cardiff Capital Region.

The Challenge requires applicants to clearly demonstrate:

Problem 1: how they will increase the sustainable production of food in the region and generate positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

Problem 2: how they will increase the supply of nutritious, locally grown food whilst ensuring a fair price for producers and the wellbeing of future generations.

We are interested in receiving applications that address both problems and would encourage partnerships between applicants to realise this. However, we may consider solutions that address one of the problems if it is clearly justified and supported by sound evidence to be an innovative and pragmatic solution. We are interested in sustainable food production and supply chain solutions which can be applied to the public sector (e.g., school meal provision, NHS meals), the private and third sector to maximise commercial opportunities.  Eligibility criteria: Applicants should consider the targets and metrics of the Challenge when proposing their solutions. We appreciate that some solutions will not be able to contribute to all of the metrics detailed, however, applicants should clearly be able to demonstrate the ability to contribute to the target: Problem 1 Target - By 2025, we will have increased healthy, low carbon food production using a variety of innovative growing methods. We will have improved access to land resources to support production and increased consumption of local food. Measurements: - An increase in local sustainable food production; - An increase in land use for sustainable food production in the Region; - An increase in food related employment that pays at least the National minimum wage. Problem 2 Target - By 2025, we will have an increased supply of nutritious, locally grown food.  Measurements: - An increase in locally sourced food; - An increase in the volume of locally grown food that is sourced and distributed by wholesalers; - An increase in the number of short food supply chains; - An increase in the opportunities for growers/SMEs to supply the ‘Public Plate’; - A decrease in food waste demonstrated by improved supply and demand models. Please Note: 1) Any adoption and implementation of a solution from this competition would be subject to a separate, possibly competitive, procurement exercise. This competition does not cover the purchase of any solution although we may choose to investigate and explore innovative procurement routes as part of this challenge. Link to the opportunity: Third-party opportunity identified by ACCIÓ: If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a message to the owner of the opportunity via the chat function in this platform indicating what opportunity you are interested in. The owner will respond via message or by proposing you a videocall meeting to further talk about the opportunity.

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Cardiff Capital Region City Deal and Welsh Government supported by the SBRI Centre of Excellence

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