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ELSA is looking for projects based on AI applications that engage with the network in the categories “Methodology”, “Software/Tools”, “Benchmarks” relevant but not limited to ELSA's 6 use cases in the scope of safe and secure AI. The Use Cases are based on ELSA research programs but are not limited to them as long as the proposals will address high-impact societal and economic challenges using machine learning.

The ELSA Innovation Lab is a platform dedicated to advancing safe and secure AI in a number of application areas defined by the use cases of the project. It facilitates a continuous exchange between academic research and industry and establish a fluid two-way communication between research activities, and real-life needs and applications, both within the network itself and with the wider community.

The growing network builds on and extends ELLIS, an internationally recognized pan-European AI network of excellence. Now, ELSA is looking for SEMs and Startups to collaborate on methods, software solutions, or benchmarks into applications and services, bringing them into industrial use.
Join ELSA for a 6-month program funded by the European Union and receive:

  • Up to € 60.000 (lump sum) to develop AI/Machine Learning applications
  • Visibility through ELSA online channels and events, and dissemination in the ELSA community

In the near future (by summer 2023) we will implement the ELSA Benchmarks Platform: a single-entry point to ease participation of interested parties to the competitions put forward by the six ELSA Use Cases. Through the ELSA Benchmarks Platform, participating teams will be able to register, download data and instructions, submit solutions to be evaluated, and see real-time leader boards for each of the Use Case competitions running.

Use cases:

  • Autonomous driving: Robust Perception
  • Document intelligence: Document VQA 
  • Media analytics: Tackling disinformation
  • Health: Federated genome medicine
  • Robotics: Learning through human interaction
  • Cybersecurity: Malware detection

Scientific advisor:
Applicants need a scientific advisor, who they should look for at the beginning of the application process and who must be part of the ELSA network or at least be an ELLIS member. The advisor will support the SMEs during all phases of the project, starting with a letter on why they support and advise the SME's project in the application phase. The role of the scientific advisor is strictly advisory, meaning that the advisor cannot participate in the project work, nor receive funding from it or any remuneration. No previous formal links between your company and the scientific advisor are allowed. This means that the advisor has to be independent (a NDA will not be considered as a formal link).

Application link 

Application deadline: 31 May 2023 at 13:00 Brussels time.

We advise you to check the following:

Application Guideline 

Financial Agreement 

You can send your questions here:

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