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PhD. Eva Marguí received her degree in Chemistry at the University of Girona (UdG) in 2001 and she obtained her PhD at the same University in 2006 (Her European Doctoral Thesis obtained the maximum grade and it was awarded with the Extraordinary doctorate award in Chemistry by the UdG). After obtaining the PhD she was contracted as part-time associate professor in the Department of Chemistry of UdG and for a period of 21 months she worked in the pharmaceutical company Medichem S.A. to develop tasks of research and quality control of active pharmaceutical ingredients. After this period, she joined the Laboratory of X-ray Analytical Applications of the Institute of Earth Sciences “Jaume Almera” (CSIC, Barcelona) as a post-doctoral researcher and she carried out a postdoctoral stage in the Atominsitut (TU Wien, Austria). Since 2010, she has been full-time associate professor at the Department of Chemistry of the UdG, she is a research member of the Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Unit of the same Department and she is cooperating with different research groups of high international and national prestige in her research field.  Her topics of research are mostly focussed on:


-          Development of preconcentration procedures using activated thin layers and solid sorbents for elemental and multielemental determination of metals and metalloids in liquid samples by X-ray spectrometry (XRF).

-          Study and application of liquid-phase microextraction strategies for preconcentration of inorganic analytes in complex liquid samples by total reflection X-ray spectrometry (TXRF).

-          Development of analytical methodologies for the determination of elements in environmental (water, soil, sediment, vegetation) and industrial samples.

-          Study of transport and metal mobility in contaminated areas.


During her scientific trajectory she have participated actively in five national projects of multidisciplinary investigation and in two European Commission-Research Infrastructures Actions. The obtained results have been published in different journals included in the “Science Citation Index” (SCI) (29 published articles, 3 in revision). Three of these articles have been published in the third journal of the area of “Analytical Chemistry” (3/73) and one, as a review, in the second journal of the same area (2/73). Most of these scientific articles are located in the first cuartil of impact factor and they have been cited, until now, in 275 referenced scientific works in the SCI-ISI Web of Knowledge. She is also also co-author of two book chapters, two books (one under revision), two technical reports and seven multimedia publications. Dr Marguí have participated in different international and national conferences with a total of 50 communications (42 posters, 8 oral presentations) and she has been an invited lecturer of 10 international and national workshops, seminars and conferences.


She received in 2006 in Lleida (Espanya) the best oral presentation award of the Symposium “Instrumentation, technology, measurement and process control” in the “Quarta trobada de joves investigadors dels països catalans”,  in 2008 in Cavtat (Croatia) “The best referee award of the journal X-Ray Spectrometry” and in 2010 in Coimbra (Portugal) the “2010 Post-doc award in X-ray spectrometry” of the European X-ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA).


She has co-directed 5 experimental works (Chemistry Degree), 2 Graduate Thesis and she is, at present, co-directing 1 Master Thesis and 1 Doctoral thesis.


From 2008 she has collaborated with the “Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva” (ANEP) in the evaluation of research projects of different frameworks and from 2012 she is also a reviewer of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). She participates as reviewer of recognized international and national journals (14) and as one of the editors of the journal ISRN Analytical Chemistry.


At present, she is a member of different professional societies (EXSA, SCQ), two consolidated research groups of scientific excellence, an associate unit of investigation (UdG-CSIC) and she was also a member of the organization committee of an international Summer School held in the UdG in 2009 and an international workshop that took place in the UdG in 2011 (THEOPRAC-XRF 2011).


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