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Demandes tecnològiques

Merck KGaA
Cerca de socis pel desenvolupament d'una aplicació per l'autodetecció de tiroides
Seeking self-detection applications for thyroid diseases to be used by general public to increase the awareness and to shorten the time until confirmative diagnosis.
ICT industry ans services
Cerca de socis: Seeking collaborators to develop cyber-physical systems for smart factory
A Singapore company in the ICT and automation industry seeks SME collaborators in the development of intelligent manufacturing, cyber-physical systems (CPS) unit to collect and consolidate data into a centralised database such as a Database Management System (DBMS).
Cerca de socis: Tòpic H2020 en Vehicles Verds
Per demostrar la viabilitat d’una plataforma de mobilitat per vehicles categoria L en el sistema de transport urbà.
Cerca de socis: H2020-SC1-PM-15-201: Research on "Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age" seeking an association, industry and academic partners.
A Greek research team is preparing a proposal to design and implement a personalised "virtual coach" for adults based on state-of-the-art techniques of intelligent information systems offering automated individual counselling.
FET Open program
Cerca de socis: FET Open program: Floatable roll-over technology megawatt class wind electrical generator
This Bulgarian organization would like to attract 3 partners to form Consortia, where the type and role of the partner could be Universities with experience in R&D in wind turbines sector. The role of the partners will be to perform basic research, model preparation and scale testing of the prototype.
Macedonian Institute for research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy
Cerca de socis: Innovative Circular Economy Model of Wastewater Treatment Services in Urban Areas - InCEMode
A Macedonian Institute for research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy is developing a project under CIRC- 02- 2016-2017: The Project aims to pilot an innovative model of wastewater treatment services, comprising integrated technological and managerial approach for water, energy and materials closed loops.
Cerca de socis: FETOPEN-01-2016-2017-RIA - Еxploring the continuous transformation of transforming companies
A Macedonian Faculty of Economics is developing project under H2020-FETOPEN-01-2016-2017-RIA call and is looking for project partners experienced in simulation, modelling and exploration research. The project aims at exploring the continuous transformation of transforming companies and proposes a changing model for continuous transformation by using the Executable Unified Modelling Language.
H2020: Development of a LED-based ligth-engine
Cerca de socis pel tòpic H2020-IND-CE-2016-2017. Termini 31/10/2016
H2020: Cerca de socis convocatòria SFS-2016-2017
Partners experienced in science of virus free planting material of grapevine and grape production
H2020: Educació en ciències
Una agència belga de finançament de la recerca ofereix experteses per un tòpic de Ciència amb i per la societat.