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Demandes tecnològiques

Cerca de socis: Improvement in dietary supplements for treatment of lactose intolerance
An Italian biotech company developed a food supplement for the treatment of lactose intolerance which contains the enzyme lactase and a high number of tindalized microorganisms of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus plantarum. The company is interested in research or technical collaboration agreements to further development of this product.
Cerca de socis: A Korean chemical company is looking for a partner regarding 1,6 Hexamethylene Diisocynate
A Korean company is specialized in manufacturing chemical products. The company is looking for partnership with European chemical companies regarding HMDI(1,6 Hexamethylene Diisocyanate) which is a raw material of polyisocyanate. The material will be used in coating of automobile etc.
Cerca de socis pel projecte: New potential anti-inflammatory products from nature
An Italian research centre is building-up a network of researchers able to verify and demonstrate the efficacy of selected natural compounds able to inhibit two of the several proteins involved in the inflammatory processes: COX-2 and 5-lipoxygenase. The demonstration should be carried on through in vitro and in vivo studies.
Cerca de socis H2020 per projecte Horizon 2020: tòpic SEC-16-BES-2017
National Aerospace University (Ucraïna) cerca socis per una proposta que busca millorar les tecnologies de vigilància
Cerca de socis H2020 per projecte Horizon 2020: tòpic SEC-12-FCT-2017
University of Central Lancashire (Xipre) treballa en la recerca sobre el tractament de les organitzacions terroristes per la política i la llei
Cerca de socis per: A Greek company is looking for partners to co-develop a decision support system (DSS) for the environment based on GIS and remote sensing
A Greek SME is dealing with geo-information systems, using high technology equipment and approaches. The company is looking for suitable technological partners to co-develop and co-exploit a decision support system (DSS) for environmental purposes.
Cerca de socis per projecte: H2020-ICT-05-2017: Internet of Things (IoT) end users and experts in supercomputing, IoT sofware and programming sought
A Spanish SME specialised in ICT solutions is preparing a proposal for the ICT-05-2017 call aimed to create secure intelligent services in the Internet of Things (IoT) capable of automatically optimizing their resources to be energy efficient.
Cerca de socis perl projecte: H2020 - SME Instrument- Phase 1: looking for public authorities dealing with water/flooding control
A SME based in Italy has developed an advanced land monitoring system: through the installation of meteo stations and detectors, which reveal in real time the hydrometric regime of the watercourse under investigation. They look for research collaborations for a H2020 SME Inst "Boosting the potential of small businesses in the areas of climate action, environment, resources".
research propotions foundation
Cerca socis H2020 per temàtica de Seguretat
Universitat de Xipre cerca socis pel tòpic SEC-12-FCT-2016-2017
h2020 health
Cerca de socis H2020: Diagnostic characterisation of rare diseases
Institute of Genetic Medicine de Newcastle University cerca socis pel tòpic PM-03-2017