EEN: Soluciones para la distribución de productos alimentarios en grandes ciudades
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EEN: Solucions per a la distribució de productes alimentaris en grans ciutats

Companyia alemanya especialitzada en menjar i begudes busca noves solucions per a la distribució de productes frescos, freds i congelats en els nuclis urbans molt transitats.

The Dutch wholesale company is specialized in the sales and distribution of food and drink products for the foodservice market, such as -bars, restaurants, etcetera. In many big cities, for instance Amsterdam, the distribution of these products in the city center becomes a growing problem caused by:

- Customers are used to ordering more and getting delivered quicker, this leads to more logistics movements in the inner city.

- E-commerce / digitization: Digitization is changing the route to the market; think of platforms and marketplaces. Customers order more resulting in more web shops with more logistic movements.

- The growing need of climate neutral distribution especially in city centers.

- Changing consumer behavior, generation of millennials (more frequent out-of-home eating) and increasing tourism.

- Rising incomes as a result of which more and more consumers are eating in restaurants and the demand is increasing.

- Growing parking problems.

- The laws and regulations regarding the permitted noise pollution, especially in the night hours.

- Changing regulations regarding zero emission in city centers for distribution activities.

The company has formulated the Challenge to solve; how to continue serving customers with increasing demands and restrictions. With changing laws / regulations and consumer demand, customers in the city still have to be served. The company is interested in new ideas and new solutions for these distribution problems. Given the increasingly crowded city center, the company is striving for as few movements as possible in order to contribute to reducing traffic jams.

Possible directions for these solutions can be:

- From a 'pull' to 'push' system to suit the customer needs

- Hubs

- Cooperation, white labels

- Night deliveries

- Smart ICT solutions for combining deliveries

- Other transport routes. Metro / tram / boat / drones

- More stock on location, which means fewer stops are needed

- Increased speed of unloading leading to less congestion

For this and probably other solutions the company is looking for cooperation with other companies and disciplines regarding:

- Long-term vision of the government

- Technological innovation in means of distribution/ transport and/or cooling

- Supplying parties / Supply chain

- Development in food technology and industry

- Question, behavior and awareness of the client / entrepreneur Collaboration based on a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

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