Seeking a method for controlling the implantation of yeasts during alcoholic fermentation

Interès en saber si durant la fermentació de l'alcohol els fongs són els mateixos dels que han estat inoculats. Es busca agilitzar aquest procés.

We are interested in knowing if during the alcoholic fermentation yeasts that are fermenting are the same ones that have been inoculated. The molecular method we use is long, we need 2 days to obtain the yeast colony, 1 day to get enough biomass and finally, 1 day to obtain de mitocondrial DNA and do the electrophoresis to know the result.

We would like to go faster in obtaining the yeast and the biomass needed to get the result, especially.

Details of the Technology Call

The molecular method has to be determined at the strain yeast.


  • Fast
  • Nonexpensive

Deadline: 24/10/2019