Seeking a biosensor for the rapid detection and quantification of Brettanomyces sp. content in wine

Es cerca un procediment analític, sensible, ràpid i barat per a la identificació i quantificació de Brettanomyces en vins.

Desired outcome

We are looking for sensitive, fast, and non-expensive analytical procedures for Brettanomyces identification and quantification in wines.

Details of the Technology Call

Conventional microbiological culturing methods are the most commonly employed to detect Brettanomyces contamination. However these approaches are time consuming and are often inappropriate for decision making during fermentation due to slow grows of this yeast, 5-6 days. Molecular biology methods have been also employed but they require expensive instruments and reagents.

We are looking for Technology Readiness Level solutions (TRL) > 4


  • Sensitive
  • Fast
  • non-expensive

Deadline: 24/10/2019