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Incoming students

Information for international exchange students at the EPS

Since many years the Escola Politècnica Superior (Polytechnic School - EPS) of the Universitat de Girona (UdG) receives international exchange students who develop their Final Degree Project / Master Thesis in the departmental research groups or take courses of the different Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in engineering and architecture offered by our centre. We are pleased to welcome you at the EPS for your exchange period and wish you a very interesting and successful stay at our institution.

Bachelor´s Degrees at the EPS can be consulted here and Master’s Degrees here .

You can review the subjects tahught in English (in full or in the corresponding percentage) here.

If you are an exchange student (through a mobility programme -for example: Erasmus- or an international collaboration agreement between the UdG-EPS and your home university) interested in studying at the EPS, you should consult: