University card

Student card

What can I use it for?

  • University accreditation
  • Borrowing books from the Library
  • Discounts at companies, entities and shops
  • Timetable monitoring
  • Access to university spaces
  • 4B Mastercard (optional) and additional services to come
  • Academic enquires
  • Electronic signature

The University of Girona identification details are:

  • Name and surnames
  • Photograph
  • National Identification Number (DNI) and UdG code
  • Group to which you belong (students, academic staff or administrative and service staff services)
  • Teaching institution or position

The application forms part of the enrolment or hiring process.

Borrowing books from the Library

It allows you to quickly and easily request books from the University of Girona Library by using the barcode on your card.

Shop discounts

By showing your card when shopping at companies, entities and shops in Girona (as well as the rest of Catalonia and Spain), you will receive discounts and special advantages. Details of the collaborating companies, entities and shops

4B Mastercard

For the service to include 4B Mastercard, all you need is a bank account with Santander Central Hispano Bank. This account has no administration or maintenance fees.
You do not have to renew your university card annually, but you can change the type of card at any time, regardless of whether it is simple or mixed.
The optional service to link your card to a Santander Central Hispano Bank allows you to:

  • View your marks and other options at 4B ATMs (13,000 in Spain, including Special Service and Collectives options)1
  • Recharge your mobile telephone at 4B ATMs1
  • Withdraw money at any ATM (more than 890,000 in Spain and across the globe)1
  • Make purchases at collaborating shops (more than 12,000,000 in Spain and across the globe)1

1 Free of charge at 4B ATMs

Temporary card

temporary card

When enrolling at the University of Girona for the first time, the assisting staff will take a photograph with a webcam, which will appear on your student card.

Once the photo is taken, the operator will print out a temporary card for you, which will give you access to the library and other services until you receive your permanent card at your home address.