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Current and anticipated staff

Teaching staff

The Senate of the University of Girona in the session 1/2016, of 18 February 2016, approved the document "criteria for the definition of the theoretical staff of teaching staff of the University of Girona ". It is a matter of a road map that has to serve as the educational needs that the departments of the University of Girona have to attend to to orientate the policy of teaching staff in the mid and long term on the basis of a reasonable projection. From an internal point of view, it is an instrument that must be used for the future recruitment and promotion of teaching and research staff (PDI), it must also serve to inform the Government of Catalonia about the real needs of the UdG. About 9 M of euros of increase of budget (10% approximately of the current budget) that if the year was materialised at the rate of 1M or 2 M of euros, it would make possible that the UdG could programme the implantation of the new staff in a deadline of 10 years.

Current teaching and research staff [pdf]

Updated: 05/06/2020