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University of Girona’s Structure

Under its very Articles of Association, the University of Girona is made up of faculties, schools, departments, university research institutes, professorships, university services and affiliated centres and by any other units it decides to create when exercising its organisational independence.

Structure of the UdG (article 8 of the Articles of Association of the UdG): Faculties and Schools, Departments. University Research Institutes, Chairs, Affiliated Centres, University Services.

Administrative structure

It is stipulated, inside this structure, that the UdG shall organise, within its budgetary availabilities, the necessary support services for teaching, research, educational- and professional-guidance, cultural, sports and university community-assistance activities.

These university services can be provided and run by the University or other persons or organisations, under agreements, concessions or contracts approved by the Governing Council.

Accessing the University of Girona’s various services

To find out about the University of Girona's structure you can consult the following organisation chart (prepared on the basis of the Administration and Service Staff's Job List)

Last updated 19/09/2019