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Administrative information

General academic procedures:

In this section you can access the different academic-administrative procedures that you can carry out at the University of Girona. For more information, see the regulations related to the different administrative procedures. 

The general academic-administrative procedures of the University of Girona are as follows: 

Administrative procedures by faculty and school:

Forms required for procedures:

In this link you can find the downloadable forms for different procedures. 

  • Common forms
  • Bachelor's degree studies and first/second cycle courses
  • Official recognition of qualifications
  • Doctorate degree programmes
  • Doctoral theses
  • Joint custody agreements for doctoral thesis and doctoral degrees

Human Resources Service procedures (available on the intranet)

  • Leave and holidays
    • Leave up to 7 days
    • Leave more than 7 days
    • Leave administrative and service staff
    • Permissions
    • Reduced hours
    • Extended leave of absence
  • Incorporation full time
  • Hourly Schedule
  • Changing data
  • Retention IRPF
  • Certificates
  • Advance
  • Bank Draft
  • Occupational Health checks
  • Training
  • Internal Competitions Statutory Public Servants
  • Job Bank contract staff
  • Job Bank civil servants
  • Public examinations
  • Serra Hunter
  • Associate teaching and research staff Competitions
  • Management sections
  • Teaching sections

Mobility programmes

  • Erasmus
  • Prometeu
  • Sicue

Cooperation and volunteering programmes

  • Linguistic tandem
  • Nightingale Project
  • Cooperation projects
  • Charitable activities and one-off activities
  • Education and packs

Procedures available via the virtual office

Library procedures

Services for students:

Services for teaching and research staff:

Last updated 22/03/2019

In this section you will find the administrative records, liability statements and any prior communications that may have an impact on the public domain and the management of public services, and others which are included for reasons of special public interest.

There are currently no records or statements of relevance for their public interest or impact on the public domain or management of public services. 

Last updated 27/06/2015

In this section you will find the proceedings that have been the object of a review procedure via the administrative channel. 

There are currently no review progress.

Last updated 27/06/2015

A services charter is a document with useful information for users and the citizens in general, on the services and units that provide them, the commitments undertaken in efficiency and quality of service, and the participatory mechanisms for citizens and users in improving the service. 

The services charters that are currently available are the following:  

Last updated 27/06/2015