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Assessing transparency at UdG

Instruments for the evaluation and the control

The establishment of assessment mechanisms has become a fundamental objective for the continuous improvement in the areas of transparency, participation and good governance. Continuous assessment, both from external spheres and in terms of self-assessment, is one of the best tools to detect problems, diagnose needs and make proposals for progressive improvement.

In this section you will find instruments for the assessment and control of transparency at the University of Girona.

Marc legal applicable

Regulation of the transparency and data protection of personal character

The Agency Española de Protección de Datos published one report with the criteria of application of the article 15 of the Law 19/2013, of 19 December, of transparency, access to the public information and good government. This report focuses on the information about remunerations corresponding to determinate jobs, which would allow to identify the persons who occupy them, as well as other questions related to remunerations of the statutory public servants, relations of jobs and retributius complements of productivity. Access to the report

External evaluation of the transparency in the University of Girona

You can consult the external appraisal carried out for the Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia , in its annual report:

Analysis about transparency in the public recruitment carried out for "Transparency International España" :

Self-assessment of the transparency in the University of Girona

In this section you can consult documents of significance for the application of Spanish Law 19/2014, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, as well as the self-assessment of fulfilment of the transparency demands for the University of Girona.

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