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Open data

The University of Girona is firmly committed to transparency and new technologies For this reason, all the data that are required to be transparent in accordance with public administration requirements, and other data of interest to citizens relating to the UdG, are made available to everyone in open format.

As established in the new regulations on transparency of the public administrations in Catalonia, access to public information has to be in a reusable format, with the objective of improving transparency, generating value for society and promoting interoperability among administrations.

Public information is made available to citizens who can reuse it for any lawful purpose, especially for its reproduction, dissemination and creation of information products or services with added value based on these data.

Through CKAN technology, the UdG wants to facilitate the process of opening its data and making them available to the public. CKAN is an application that offers tools for the publication of data in streamline, to share, search for them and use them freely.

Access to the open data application