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About the UdG website

Institutional website

The University of Girona website was designed by the company Domo-A and set up to work correctly with the latest versions of browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
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  • Safari

The website uses a responsive design that can adapt to any size of device.

To display the pages correctly you are advised to activate the browser’s JavaScript and CSS options

All the web pages of the domain www.udg.edu are published exclusively in Catalan and are translated automatically into Spanish and English. In the case of Spanish, the translation is only automatic and has a reliability rate of approximately 93%. With regard to the English, the automatic translation is post-edited by translators who review and correct the initially translated contents. It is for this reason that, apart from the home page, for reasons of presentation and writing, all the pages that you find in this intermediate stage between automatic translation and reviewed by human translators, feature a disclaimer indicating the provisional status of the translated contents.

To identify yourself and to access the intranet, the browser must accept cookies.