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Third language in bachelor's degrees 

Third-language accreditation

Table of equivalences of languages certificates

Knowledge of a third language is a core element of university education. To this effect, ACT 1/2018, of 8 May, which amends Act 2/2014, on tax, administrative, financial, and public sector measures , establishes (Article 211) that students beginning university degrees for the first time starting from the 2018-2019 academic year will be required to demonstrate</g>a B2 levelin one of the four foreign languages recognised in the Catalan education system (English, French, German, and Italian) by the time they have completed their degree.

Moreover, the Governing Council of the University of Girona, in session 4/19, agreed to amend the regulations for third languages in bachelor's degree studies.See the complete text of the agreement (eBOU-4/2019)

  • Third language requirements by degrees and year of access (being prepared)
  • Ways of accrediting the third language at the UdG (being prepared)