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Third language in bachelor's degree studies for students who began the studies from the 2014-2015 academic year onwards

Knowledge of a third language is a core element of university education. In this sense, the LAW 2/2014, of 27 January, of fiscal, administrative, financial measures and of the public sector , establish (article 211) that the students who access the university studies for the first time from course 2014-2015 they will have to accredit, on finishing the studies, a level B2of one of the four foreign languages established to the educational system of Catalonia (English, French, German and Italian).

However, the Governing Council of the University of Girona, at session 3/16, of 12 May 2016, agreed on incorporating the requirement for level B2 or higher in all UdG degrees starting from the 2016-2017 academic year. See the text complete of the agreement (eBOU-883) Consult, in this sense, the document Policy of third language of the University of Girona .

In this connection, all UdG degrees are now required to include a language requirement that all students must fulfil to finish their university studies. For any queries or additional information on the third language requirements for a particular course, please contact the Academic Secretary's Office of the relevant teaching centre.