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Master in Water Resources Science and Technology


Water resources management determines a large of a country's economic activities. There is a need to meet growing water demand (not just domestic and public but also for agriculture, cattle raising, industry, the leisure sector and tourism, and energy production) and to prevent greater degradation of ecosystems and natural processes, by ensuring the availability of sufficient quality resources in the future. That is why it is said that there are 1.4 billion jobs, 42% of the world’s employed workforce, that depend to a large extent on water, and that essentially practically 80% of jobs require access to water resources whether directly or indirectly.

Therefore, the professional possibilities that the Master in Water Resources Science and Technology brings are enormous in number and range, not just in the water sector but in any other industrial sector too. We can find a few examples in the following listing:

  • Project engineer at water treatment plants.
  • Operator of water distribution and sanitation systems.
  • Product manager in plant instrumentation
  • R&D researcher specialising in purification.
  • Officer at wastewater treatment plants.
  • Engineer specialising in hydraulic power and hydrology.
  • Operator at a hydraulic power plant.
  • Precision-agriculture expert in hydroponic crops.
  • Prevention and environment specialist.
  • Industrial and environmental security officer.
  • Statutory affairs officer.
  • Hazardous waste manager.
  • Industrial waste management officer.
  • Indicator monitoring operator.
  • Environmental laboratory technician.
  • Geographical information systems technician.
  • Officer at am environmental control institution.
  • Officer in integrated analysis and the control of river pollution.